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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Use One Feed Bag for Multiple Horses:
To only use one feed bag (or grooming kit, as it works the same way) you will have to do this 
process fairly quickly.  All you have to do is:

1.View your stable block in the 'Image View'.
2.Click on a feed bag or grooming brush for one horse. 
3.When the box comes up to feed your horse, select the feed you want 
  to use, and click 'Feed your horse'.
4.Quickly close that box, and click on the next feed bag for another 
  horse. Close that box, and repeat the process for all of your horses.

Breed your horses for free:
Submitted by: Cheatfinder

Have a stallion and a breedable mare avalible. 
Step 1: Put your stallion up for stud. 
Step 2: Go to town's breeding center. 
Step 3: Find your stallion. 
Step 4: Breed your mare to your stallion. 
Step 5: Click yes when the pop up window comes up.

Submitted by: Heckstar

Unfortunately this only works for credit buyers, if you can get your parent(s) to buy just 
one credit, which is only a few dollars, you can then donate ms to other players, and by 
other players I mean yourself! Yep there is a glitch where you can go to the bank and donate 
ms to yourself just like you normally would to another player, just with your own ID. 
An error message pops up but it still works! I just donated a billion ms to myself and am 
now a billionaire! Another older player also told me about scripting, where you can actually 
hack into the site and create any color foundation horse want, like palomino thoroughbreds 
and stuff! She would not tell me how to do it though but it involved changing the script of 
the web page and altering it with codes and you have to be kind of smart to pull it off. 
She says you can also use it in the wild to catch any wild horse you want, just paste in 
their ID number and bam you can catch it so long as you have the trapper license to catch 
the level horse.


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