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 Mystery Chronicles - Murder Among Friends Cheats

Mystery Chronicles - Murder Among Friends

Sudoku Puzzle:
Submitted by: RM

This is a 9x9 grid of a game of sudoku in which you must make
sure that each row or column has the numbers 1-9 without any of
the numbers being repeated. You cannot repeat numbers within the
same 3 x 3 grid either.

Click on an empty spot in the grid and a box with several numbers
will appear. The numbers in red are the numbers that you cannot 
use in the combination because then they would be repeated incorrectly. 

The numbers in black will be the correct available choices, pick the 
one that is best suited for that grid. 

If there's only one black number when you click on an empty space then
you know that there's only one possibility for that space. 

When you place the number on the grid and it's blue then you know that
number is correct. 

When you place a number on a grid and it is incorrect that number on 
the grid will turn red, make new choices. 

An easy way to solve the puzzle is to click on the empty squares. When 
the small window appears just choose the ones that have only 1 black 
number available. If you find one that has two black numbers available,
skip it for now. By the time you make your rounds again all the puzzles
will only have 1 black number to choose from. 

The Sudoku solutions are random so all we do is provide you with a 
sample solution. 

Once you complete the puzzle you will be given a number, mine was 
49351, that code will be used to open the safe.

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