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  Hints and Tips for: My Time at Sandrock 
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 My Time at Sandrock Cheats

My Time at Sandrock

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks for New Players:
Written by Bearnwyn

A quick reference of hints & tips for new players to the My Time series.

For those of you who are new to the My world series welcome!
Sandrock is a wonderful game, so much to do and explore.
I've played and researched Sandrock for many hours and keep finding things 
I'd previously overlooked.

Here are some starting recommendations and info I would like to share.

-=Notepad & Pen=-
* To note things “to check out later”.
* Sometimes there's a lot going on and easy to forget details.

-=Game Speed=-
* Go into Menu/Options and change game speed from default 2 to 0.5.
* This slows the speed of the clock so you get more time to do things before 
  3am when you are forced to sleep.

-=Pause Game=-
* Need to think about a potential action and want to stop the clock?
* Press [ESC] to get to the main menu to gain some thinking time.
* Hit Tab button to quicksave, use planting kit, etc.

It brings up a new directional menu. Has quicksave, camera, planting kit, etc.

-=Treasure Chests=-
* These are scattered around the map. They contain interesting and useful 
  items to help you on your way.
* There are also white chests in the various caves.

-=Don't Rush=-
* It's not a competition. Take time to enjoy the atmosphere and explore. 
  There is so much that can be missed by rushing through the day.
* The daily commissions have a limited time to be completed. They are easily 
  do-able with some care in choosing and planning.

* Very quickly you will run out of inventory/backpack space.

* Pay to open more backpack slots.
* Buy a Storage Chest from Arvio at the General Store in the first week.
* He gives a discount
* Make Storage Chests on your Worktable.

-=You do you=-
* We all have different game style preferences.
* In Sandrock there is a lot to do and explore, find your own path and allow 
  yourself to be immersed. The important thing is to have fun!

* Each time you sleep an auto save is done.
* Manual saves can be done at anytime with the option to rename/delete them 
  for ease of reference.
* Consider doing a save as a restore/load point after arriving at Sandrock. 
  Then you can have look around, get used to the controls etc before doing 
  a reload of that save to really get into the game.

-=Watch & Listen=-
* Watch the cut scenes closely and listen to the other characters dialogue.
* There are lots of clues and brilliant humour to enjoy.

All Recipes (Worktable Level 1):
By Eve

Here is a list of all recipes in My Time at Sandrock worktable level 1.

-=Crafting Resources=-
* Stone Trough
6x Stone
Sells for 5g

* Grinding Saws
4x Sand
1x Stone
Sells for 7g

* Raw Animal Skin
4x Damaged Animal Pelt
Sells for 2g

* Thin Thread
2x Plant Fiber
Sells for 2g

* Basic Leather
3x Raw Animal Skin
1x Salt
Sells for 6g

* Wooden Stick
3x Wood
Sells for 3g

* Water
10x Dew
Sells for 4g

* Stone Axe
3 Stamina per use
4x Stone
2x Wood
Sells for 6g

* Pickhammer
3 stamina per use
4x Stone
2x Wood
Sells for 6g

* Bronze Pickhammer
5x Bronze Bars
2x Wooden Stick
2x Copper Screws
1x Sharpening Stone
Sells for 178g

* Bronze Axe
Tool Strength 17, Tool Strength +9%
2 Stamina per use
5x Bronze Bars
2x Wooden Stick
2x Copper Screw
1x Sharpening Stone
Sells for 405g

* Feather Duster
Recipe Location: Commerce Guild
Sand Absorption Rate 10, Sand Absorption Rate +10%
2x Wooden Stick
5x Feather
2x Thin Thread
Sells for 20g

* Basic Sandfish Trap
Recipe Location:
Usable bait: Sandworm
3x Copper Bars
2x Wooden Sticks
1x Thin Thread
Sells for 21g

* Stone Daggers
Attack 25-28, Melee Damage +8
Swift Speed
8x Stone
2x Thin Thread
3x Cactus Spine
Sells for 18g
Note: Can be looted from chest

* Stone Spear
Attack 24-27, Melee Damage +7%
8x Stone
3x Wooden Stick
3x Quartz
2 stamina per use
Sells for 29g

* Stone Sword
Attack 41-47, Critical Damage +4%
10x Stone
3x Copper Bars
2x Yakmel Horn
Sells for 27g

* Stone Sword and Shield
23x Stone
3x Copper Bars
2x Yakmel Horn

Hugo Guide - Gifts & Romance:
Focus on gifts that add points, loved & liked gifts

-=Hugo's Loved Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from +10 to + 20 Hugo's relationship points

* Chromium Steel Bar
* Comfortable Chair
* Elegant Bench
* Elegant Square Table
* Harmonica
* Iron Axe
* Iron Dagger
* Iron Great Sword
* Iron Pickhammer
* Iron Plate
* Iron Spear
* Iron Sword and Shield
* Leisurely Rattan Chair
* Motivational Hammer
* Steel Frame
* Yakboy Horn Decoration
* Yakboy Target

-=Hugo's Liked Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from +5 to + 9 Hugo's relationship points

* Animal Skin Carpet
* Beef Noodles
* Bloodstone Saws
* Bronze Pipes
* Bronze Plate
* Bronze Stick
* Cast Iron Pipe
* Cast Iron Rod
* Chromium Ore
* Cowprint Sofa
* Hot and Sour Fish
* Large Desert Mudfish
* Manganese Ore
* Manganese Steel Bar
* Nickel Ore
* Rustic Wardrobe
* Simple Bookcase
* Steel Bar
* Sweet Potato Bake
* Tea Porridge
* Water
* Wooden Bookcase

-=Hugo's Neutral Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from +1 to + 4 Hugo's relationship points
Any gifts not listed in this guide, and not declined by Hugo

-=Hugo's Disliked Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from -1 to - 4 Hugo's relationship points

* Broken Power Stone
* Bronze Scrap
* Compact Motor
* Condensed Power Stone
* Condenser
* Copper Scrap
* Data Disc
* Engine
* Microchip
* Power Stones
* Simple Circuits
* Stone Scrap
* Wood Scrap

-=Hugo's Hated Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from - 5 Hugo's relationship points

* Astronomical Telescope
* Dregs
* Food Scraps
* Old Jeans
* Ruined Cloth
* Ruined Glass
* Ruined Paper
* Unlabelled Medicine
* Venom

How to Get More Stamina:
Written by ~ Bearnwyn ~

Too much day left and no stamina? This is some of the many things to do…

In the early days running out of Stamina is a constant problem.

If you don’t want to sleep to refresh then either get more or do activities 
that don’t require stamina.

-=Get More Stamina=-
* Sit down.
* There are seats, benches and chairs around town that can be used.
* Slow regeneration.
* Buy meals from the Blue Moon Saloon menu or shop.
* Instant regeneration but can get expensive.
* There are various plants that can be harvested. Eg Cacti fruit
* Use the Food rack to dry meat to jerky etc.
* Grow your own food.
* Buy or craft furniture, place in workshop.
* Have a look at the items info for further details.
* Buy or craft personal items to wear.
* Clothes, weapons etc.

-=Stamina Free Activities=-
* Chase and break Tumbleweeds.
* Get resources and have some fun.
* Use the feather duster to clean your machines so they keep running.
* Review water tank levels and buy more or collect it as needed.
* Sort out your inventory, name the storage chests.
* Explore and get familiar with the map.
* Chat to everyone you meet and give them a gift.
* Collect some manure from the Yakmel areas.
* Clean up the rash around town.

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