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  Hints and Tips for: Nancy Drew Stay Tuned for Danger 
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 Nancy Drew Stay Tuned for Danger Cheats

Nancy Drew Stay Tuned for Danger

no one, Submitted the following Information:

Never leave ricks room without disalarming the bomb, other wise your dead. 
Press second chance to go back to ricks room and try again.

You begin the game looking at a guide map of N.Y. There is only one location
available to select now. More locations will be added however, as you progress 
in the case. 

Select the Mattie Jensen location. You arrive in front of the house. 

Mattie Jensen's House: 
* Click on the door. Go inside the house. Go down the hall and turn into the
  living room. Mattie is waiting for you in there. Ask her everything, 
  specifically regarding the death threats.

* Mattie gives you the keys to the house. She suggests that you visit the 
  studio and offers to leave a pass at the front desk. After Mattie leaves
  you are free to explore the house. (You only have access to the main floor,
  as clicking on the banister will change day to night or vise versa.

* Examine the desk in the living room. Look at the calendar and click on it
  for an interesting effect. Examine the picture on the top of the hutch on
  the left, to see a picture of the Her Interactive team. Pull out the tall
  thin drawer left of the cubbyhole. Click on it to pull it out. Read the 
  letters from Rick. Exit the views. Push the drawer back in and exit the 
  view once more.

* Pull out the right thin drawer and read the letter to Rick from Mattie. 
  Push the drawer back in and exit the views.

* Look to the bench on the left of the desk. Examine the photo album. Open 
  the basket and take the television remote control. Look at everything else.
  Go back out into the hall. 

* Examine the phone. Mattie has left a note indicating that Ned (Nancy's 
  boyfriend) called. Lift the receiver of the phone. You will notice that 
  you have access to the three phone no's of your friends. Dial Ned's phone 
  no. by entering the numbers on the dial pad. After the phone call, exit 
  all the views. Turn and leave the house.

* At the map, you now have an additional location. Choose the Worldwide 
  Broadcasting location.

* Continue on until you reach the hints for the puzzles listed below.

Prop Room Riddle:
There are three riddles to be solve and a total of 9 possible questions. 
Below are three of the possible answers:

The more you make, the more you leave behind? Footprints.
What has teeth but cannot eat? Comb.
Soft as a petal that falls from a tree, the more I dry 
the wetter I will be. What am I? Towel.

Disarming the Bomb:
The wires can only be cut is one specific order. The first is Yellow and the 
second is Red. Is the last two Orange then Blue, or Blue then Orange?

Override Lock Method:
After pulling the alarm, go to the Override Lock Panel to reveal a panel. This 
is a random puzzle and therefore does not have one set solution. There are eight
buttons on the panel. Press the buttons until a triangle appears. Press a second
button. If another triangle appears you are on the right track. If it is the 
wrong button, the original triangle will disappear. Press the original correct
button to continue on, until all eight buttons are lit up, allowing the doors 
to open.

Submitted by: Alaina

How to get into the briefcase because the briefcase won't open with the numbers

Computer login:
Enter "Millie" for the computer login name and "WWB1958" for the password.

WWB network Side door code:
Submitted by: Alexis

Turn it to night and go to the WWB network and go to the side entrance you'll 
see a code box the code is 3689.

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