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  Hints and Tips for: Nancy Drew Secrets can Kill 
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 Nancy Drew Secrets can Kill Cheats

Nancy Drew Secrets can Kill

You begin in the front hall of Aunt Eloise's house. Look at the small
table below the mirror to gain a close-up view. Examine the letter 
from Eloise. She says that she has closed the library early, and has
left the key in the safe. Exit the views.

Examine the right hand drawer of the small table. Take the phone card 
items that are picked up will automatically go into inventory). Close 
the drawer and exit the view.

Turn to the left and go in the living room.

Living Room:
Turn to the left of the second couch and examine the stack of books on
the marble-topped stool. Click on the books. One of the books open to
reveal pictures and descriptions of assorted flowers. Notice that the
beginning of each word has a letter highlighted, spelling ‘MITCH.’ 

Continue panning left around the room to the large cabinet. Select a 
book from the shelf on the right. Aunt Eloise has hidden a key and her
passport in a hollowed out book. Take the key into inventory and exit 
the views.

Turn left and examine the end table topped with a lamp. Open the drawer.
Take the television remote. Examine the letter. It is an invitation to 
a 25th sorority reunion. Make note of the symbols on the top of the 
letter (sigma, phi, kappa, delta). 

Close the drawer and exit the views. Turn to the right. Use the key 
found in the book to open the locked chest. It springs open to reveal
linens and a small assortment of articles on the right side of the box.
Take the quarter. Close the chest. Exit the view and the room.

Front Hall:
Turn to the left. Examine the tapestry. Click on it to slide it across 
to reveal a safe. Examine the safe combination keypad. Enter the Greek 
letters according to the four symbols printed on the sorority invitation.

When the safe is open, take the silver key hanging on a hook on the 
safe door. Examine the flower box.

Continue on until you reach the hints for the puzzles listed below.

Maxine's Diner:
When examining the Menu or the Jukebox, be sure to note the highlighted
letters and note what they spell.

Boiler Room Lever Puzzle:
After cutting the chain off within the bolt cutters, click on the left
lever twice, click on the right lever, and then once more on the left 
lever and the steam will escape in a rush, averting the danger.

Phone numbers:
Whenever you find a phone number in the game, try calling it. For example,
the number in the "Save The Manatees" book in the library, the torn note 
for the pharmacy in the school halls, Tony's pizza by the phones, the judo
club near the gym, the detective's number in Jake's locker (the newspaper),
the number on the matchbook in the boiler room (after you are locked in), 
and Maxine's Diner number on the same matchbook and containers (after 
locked in).

Try calling one of the following numbers for some funny responses: 

The number on Eloise's card (555-1204)
The police tip line from the article in Jake's locker (555-4855). 
The drug store (555-3784)
Tony's pizza (number on sign by phone).
The Judo club (555-5836).
The Save The Manaties Club (number in book at library)
Maxine's Diner (number on matchbook in boiler room after sabotage). 
Tony's pizza (number on sign by phone, 555-TONY).

Coded messages:
On almost every bulletin board in the school are pieces of paper stuck with 
pushpins that have messages that do not make any sense. Take a real mirror 
and hold it up to the paper displayed on screen. Also, in the library there
are some books and charts with secret codes. 
One is "Don't run Nancy" and another is "The bolt cutter you must take!".

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