Nancy Drew - Danger On Deception Island Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Nancy Drew - Danger On Deception Island 
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 Nancy Drew - Danger On Deception Island Cheats

Nancy Drew - Danger On Deception Island

Submitted by: RM

Entering Whale World:
Go downstairs on Katy's boat. Click on the sink and you will start 
talking to Katy. She will then ask you to fix it. Click on the cabinet 
underneath the sink. Once you fix the pipes, Nancy will find a card for 
a person named Andy Jason who works at Whale World. You can now ride 
Katy's bike down to Whale World and it will be open this time.

Riding the bike:
When you ride the bike, always wear you helmet.

Holt's quiz:
When Holt gives you a quiz, the last question is "Bring me a male Dungeness
crab". First, go to the map and click on the lighthouse. Follow the path 
without making any turns. Before you climb the stairs, go to the right. You
will see rocks on the sand. There will also be a white board sticking out 
of the rocks. You may have to click on the board more than once to get a 
crab. When Nancy flips it over, make sure the abdomen is not wide. You can
see the difference in a book at the "Hot Kettle Cafe". If the crab's abdomen
is normal, you have a male crab. If the crab's abdomen is wide, click on the
board a few more times until you get a male. When you get the male, go back
to Holt and give it to him.

All the other answers can be found by using the laptop. To find the laptop,
go inside the boat. When you go down the stairs, there will be a table at 
the far right corner of the room. You will then see a laptop on the table. 
Click on it then go to "DC Portal". At the top will be a place titled 
"Search". Click on it and you will find the categories of your questions
and your answers.

Unlocking Padlock:
Go to the hot Kettle Cafe. Once you have completed the other tasks you 
need to complete, Holt will ask you to help him solve a chess puzzle. 
To solve it you must look in his duffle bag on the floor next to him. 
When you open the book you can find the code for the lighthouse lock. 

Sending the Phone Number:
The phone number you send with Morse Code. You have to go back to your 
laptop and visit internet, search for Morse Code, and copy Nancy's phone 
number in morse code somewhere (I used post-its to save any important 
information). Then you go back to the lighthouse and send it through the 
machine, via morse code. I'm not saying more since I think it's not the 
point, no fun in having everything told to you, now is it?

Whenever you are looking for clams find one. While looking at the clam 
look at the clam basket and back away. Keep doing this untill you have 
all of your clams.

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