Nancy Drew - Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Nancy Drew - Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon 
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 Nancy Drew - Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon Cheats

Nancy Drew - Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon

Placing Dolls In Right Place:
Submitted By: Govind

It's Not Actully Not A Cheat, But a Hint That To Place The
Camile's Dolls To Their Right Place By Following Tips.

There Are 11 Dolls And Here Is Their Significance:

CH:Don't Move That Doll Which Is In The First Place.
AU:Doll With Green Dress
SS:DOll Which Has One Eye Blue.
ET:Which Speake MA-ma.
TE:Boy Doll Whith Short.
SC:Doll Without Shoes And With Open Eyes.
HA:Another Boy Doll.
TO:Hair Fall Due To Fire.
YA:Doll Without Shoes And With Close Eyes
NT:Crack On Skull.
ES:Doll With Red Ribbon.

Making Collasal Burger:
Put All The Items That are Not On The List.

Lori's trick:
Find out how Lori disappeared by checking out the table in the dining
car when you are in Copper Gorge and the Hardy Boys have left the train.
You can't do this before you arrive at the destination or when someone 
is in the room. You have to do it before you get Charleena's autograph 
and give it to Fatima.

You can look at the table near where Lori was standing when she disappeared
and you'll see a button that looks like the carpet and if you press on it, 
you'll turn around to the bookshelf and see that the shelves open and Nancy
will comment on it with either : 'This must be how Lori disappeared' or 'So,
Lori pushed that button, slid the shelves open further, squeezed through, 
and disappeared. Very clever.'

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