Nancy Drew - The Secret Of Shadow Ranch Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Nancy Drew - The Secret Of Shadow Ranch 
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 Nancy Drew - The Secret Of Shadow Ranch Cheats

Nancy Drew - The Secret Of Shadow Ranch

Opening the chest at Marie Yazzies: 
Go back to the house where Shorty is found. Look at the clock above 
the fireplace. It will tell you which numbers to use to open the chest. 
Think of it as a clock, and look very close.

To open the trunk at Mary Yazzie's, go to her store and look at the 
books entitled "Like Wind Through My Heart" by Cheerlena Purceel. 
Get her phone number and call her from where you are. 
She will tell you the day, month and year the people with the initials 
E.H. and A.H. were married. To open the trunk you must have the screw 
things from the rolltop desk at the ranch. Put them in and turn them 
all facing upwards. Turn the first one the number of the day of the 
marriage, turn the second one the number of the month, and turn the 
third one the number of the year (last two numbers). 
The trunk should then open.

Defeat the Culprit!:
Go back and down the ladder. When you get to the first intersection, 
switch the rocks by the ladder's doorway and the doorway above the trapdoor.

Piano Clue:
To find the box "under" the beady eyes ranch, call Bess Marvin and George 
Fayne or Frank and Joe Hardy. They'll say it could open "brand" new 
possibilities. It means 2 look for a branding symbol in Dry Creek. 
Look under the floorboard outside the jail. "Forks" can B found at Mary's 
place:tuning forks. Collect the 10 arrows 4 her and she'll give the forks 
2 U. 

The crank is near the Dry Creek outhouse.

To get hints, CALL:
To call for hints, activate Nancy's cell in the right corner of the screen. 
Then dial the phone number or~ look in Nance's DIRectory. Here's sum phone 

Bess Marvin,&,George Fayne:          1-523-555-4468
Ned Nickerson:                       1-523-555-4357
Home(Hannah Gruen and Carson Drew.): 1-523-555-3739

Unlockables - Cmon Bob:
Having trouble getting past one stop to unlock another? 
This cheat is going to fix that. 

Unlockable	How to unlock
Mary's Gifts             - Unlock when you first go riding.
Cougar Bend & Trail Stop - Unlock when you read that book about Charleena 
                           Purcell and talk to Mary Yazzie.	
Dry Creek                - Unlock after you do Tex's Challenge.

Had Puzzle:
Remember that super hard maze under the zebra rock? To make the sticks of wood
disappear, repeatedly click on the maze like you're going to solve it and then
zoom out of the maze like you're going to leave. Eventually when you click on 
the maze, the boards should be gone making it a lot easier. Maybe it was just 
my game that dose that, but I did it 6 times on both junior AND senior mode.

Zebra rock maze:
To make the wooden boards disappear, repeatedly click on the maze as if you are 
going to solve it. Then, zoom out of the maze as if you are going to leave. 
Eventually when you click on the maze, the boards should be gone, making it a
lot easier.

Zebra Rock:
When doing the Zebra Rock puzzle look at it and the back away again. Do this 
until the boards disappear.

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