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  Hints and Tips for: Narcosis 
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 Narcosis Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Collectibles:
A text list of Narcosis levels with its collectibles.
-=Only Safe Haven=-
-ID - Phelan, Russell Andrew 
-Item - Stella, Uzor (Camera)

-=Step By Step=-
-ID - Benyamina, Isra
-=From The Outside
-ID - Liang, Szu-Ching
-ID - Bae, Dong-Soo
-ID - Mital-Kinkaid, Pallavi
-Item - Phelan, Russell Andrew (Tin Flask)
-Item - Mital-Kinkaid, Pallavi (Miniature Diver)

-=Back To Normal=-
-ID - Stella, Uzor
-ID - Tyson, Lyle
-ID - Persson, Sigge
-Item - Benyamina, Isra (Boxing Metal)
-Item - Bae, Dong-Soo (Mbira)
-Item - Persson, Sigge (Vaporizer)
-Item - Halima, Okene (Plush Toy)
-=Weight and Presence=-
-ID - Cirqueira, Aires
-ID - Del Arroyo, Victor
-ID - Racz, Lukacs
-ID - Colatos, Alessandro
-Item - Racz, Lukacs (French Harp)
-Item - Dahl-Ryder, Anders (Daruma)
-Item - Cirqueira, Aires (Wooden Puzzle)
-Item - Colatos, Alessandro (Wedding Band on Chain)
-Item - Del Arroyo, Victor (Belt Buckle)

-=Walking Coffin=-
-ID - Castillo, John-Bernardo
-ID - Van der Rhoa, Cora
-Item - Mattas, Kipling (Wrist Watch)
-Item - Van der Rhoe, Cora (Foam Floater)

-=Try and Try Again=-
-ID - Al-Yassin, Hamza Saleh
-ID - Castillo, John-John
-Item - Al-Yassin, Hamza Salah (Handheld Game Console)
-Item - Liang, Szu Ching (Ithaka)

-=No Manual For That=-
-ID - Dahl-Ryder, Anders
-ID - Okene, Halima
-Item - Castillo, John-John (Pilotís Certificate)

-=For the Record=-
-ID - Castillo, John-Bernardo (Zimbabwen Banknote)

-=Open Air=-
-ID - Faille, Virgile
-ID - Mattas, Kipling
-Item - Faille, Virgile (Diverís Knife)

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