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  Hints and Tips for: Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker 
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 Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Cheats

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Play Offline:
Written by IKnoThatUKno

-=Everything You Need to Know=-
Ever try setting Steam to offline mode, then try launching this game thinking 
offline is a thing? Yeah, me too. So I fiddled around and found this out. Hey 
everyone, Today I'm gonna tell you all how to play Naruto in True offline mode!

All you need to do is follow my steps.
Disclaimer: While offline you will have no access to the preorder bonus, you 
will essentially have a fully functioning alt but have to start from scratch 
on it (but that shouldn't be an issue for those of us who can't even play 
online anyways).

Ok, preamble done. Guide starts now!

Step #1: Open NtB: Shinobi Strikers local file.
Step #2: Go to the following filepath:

Steam\steamapps\common\Naruto To Boruto\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\

In there you will find "steam_api64.dll".

Step #3: Create a new folder in that location and name it something fun, 
         I named mine "Fill for Offline Play".
Step #4: Move steam_api64.dll into that folder.
Step #5: Shut off WiFi and put Steam into offline mode.
Step #6: Launch the game.

You will be prompted to attempt to connect to the games server or play 
in ~Offline~ mode.

You know what option to press if youre following these steps ninja of the 
village hidden off the line. Make your new offline character, and enjoy.

Again, this character will not have access to items / jutsu your online 
character has (as these are essentially 2 different accounts) however, you 
will be able to play 100% Fully, and Truly Offline. And earn all the rewards
(which is a huge bonus for me because im alt crazy).

Healer Guide:
Written by ttv.AreXXX_Chan

If you are a healer class main, or aspiring to be one in Naruto to Boruto: 
Shinobi Striker, look no further because the guide you need to get started 
is right here!

-=Everything You Need to Know=-
To start off, being a medical ninja in this game is primarily about learning 
when to use substitution, evading attacks, diverting enemy team attention, 
hide and seek, and in worst case scenario learning how to defend yourself.

-=Rules of a medical ninja from the Naruto series=-
* No medical ninja shall ever stop medical treatment until the lives of 
  their party members have come to an end.
* No medical ninja shall ever stand in the front lines.
* No medical ninja shall die until they are the last of their platoon.
* Only those medic ninja who have mastered the Strength of a Hundred 
  Technique of the ninja art Creation Rebirth are permitted to discard 
  the above-mentioned laws.

Now, the first three rules are pretty standard and should be absolute, 
however the final rule doesn't really apply unless you're an exceptional 
healer and carry Cellular Activation jutsu and your other healing ability 
to heal your allies. There is nothing wrong with playing combat medic, but 
currently it isn't meta and it can be a detriment to your team, so be open 
to change.

-=Recommended Build=-
Palm Sage Jutsu is your go to jutsu for healing yourself and allies around 
you with a heal over time that lasts roughly 6-8 seconds.

Cellular Extraction Jutsu allows the healer to burst heal in a large AOE 
that takes off ANY debuffs and gives about a 1/4-1/2 of your allies health back.

Feather Illusion Jutsu is a wide range AOE that puts any enemy to sleep inside 
of the bubble. It channels for about 6 seconds, but if you catch them all in 
the initial cast, I suggest manually canelling the channel to help your team 
with offense while the other enemies are asleep. You do not need to keep 
channeling once they fall asleep, since they only sleep for a set duration. 
This jutsu works exceptionally well on the hidden cloud village map. If you 
pur the enemy to sleep while they are mid air and cannot land on a surface, 
they will inevitably fall to the bottom of the map and count as a death.

Shadow Pull Jutsu is a short range AOE ultimate that snares anyone in the 
range and after about 1.5 seconds does an explosion that can easily do over 
half of the enemies health. This is good for self defense when you need to 
get away from the enemy or finish them off before they finish you off.

VR Masters:
-=Sakura Haruno=-
* Cellular Extraction Jutsu is as described above in recommended build. 
* Cherry Blossom Impact is a short range shield breaker. (Damage) 
* Mitotic Regeneration is a map-wide resurrection (Heal/Ultimate) 

-=Sarada Uchiha=-
* Crimson Drizzle is a short range lunge and shield break with backflip. 
* Green Rain Ground Hold erects a small healing AOE that heals over time 
  when any ally stands inside of it. (Heal) 
* Uchiha Shuriken Jutsu Spring Storm casts an AOE burst heal in a medium 
  range away from the user, and throws a shuriken that homes into the 
  enemy that is in your line of sight on cast. (Damage/Heal/Ultimate) 

-=Kabuto Yakushi=-
* Cellular Activation is a user only heal that places a strong heal over 
  time on your to allow you to heal while fighting or moving. (Heal) 
* Chakra Scalpel is a jutsu that allows you to dash with homing to your 
  desired target. If the attack lands it seals off their chakra, preventing 
  the enemy from activating jutsu or substitution. (Damage) 
* Feahter Illusion Jutsu is as described above in recommended build. 

-=Shikimaru Nara=-
* Shadow Possession Jutsu is a supportive ability that channels for one 
  second and shoots a line of shadow. If it lands on an enemy, it snares 
  them in place while also leaving you immobile. This jutsu is broken when 
  attacked or by the users own cancelling of it. (Support) 
* Shadow Stitching Jutsu is a jutsu that manifests shadow in front of the 
  user, stabbing into each other. If an enemy is caught in this jutsu, it 
  does damage. (Damage) 
* Shadow Pull Jutsu is as described above in recommended build. 

-=Hinata Hyuga=-
* 8 Trigrams Air Palm is a ranged damage jutsu that also blocks enemy chakra 
  usage when hit by the jutsu. (Range/Damage) 
* Byakugan is a jutsu that allows you and your allies to see enemy chakra 
  systems and each other's. This also boosts the ally teams damage. (Support) 
* Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist is a jutsu that starts with spinning into the 
  enemy team and if you hit someone, will complete the sequence of steps to 
  seal their chakra and reset their ultimate's cooldown. You must be within 
  melee range for this jutsu to be effective. (Damage)

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