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  Hints and Tips for: Nascar Racing 1999 Edition 
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 Nascar Racing 1999 Edition Cheats

Nascar Racing 1999 Edition

Faster Taladega speeds:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup
copy of the file before proceeding. Enter the game directory and 
find the "tracks/taladega/taladega.txt" file. Use a text editor to
edit this file. Locate the line that starts with "SPDWY" and change
the first number from "1" to "0". 
Speeds over 230 miles an hour may now be obtained.

Tip: There are no "tricks" to becoming a good NASCAR driver. As in
the real world, it takes perseverance and hour upon hour of seat 
time. And a good, long examination of the wonderful manual/strategy
guide is something you must do. 

Tip: If you can perfect your line on a given track so that it rarely,
if ever, varies, you've gone a long way toward mastering the smoothness 
and consistency this game requires. Furthermore, once you've begun 
your garage work, you need to know that extra half second was the 
result of better tinkering, not better driving. 

Tip: When making modifications to your car, always make just one or
two at a time--that way you'll know what helped and what didn't. 
Also, save each newly altered car under a new filename or you'll be
screwed faster than Bill Clinton. 

Tip: When it comes to controlling high-end racing sims, joysticks
blow. Go out and get yourself a good wheel-and-pedal unit. Right now.

Tip: Of all the data the game supplies, perhaps the most critical is
the tire temperatures. What you want your setup to do is keep them 
even across the width of each tire after a bunch of hot laps. Doing
so means more rubber is contacting the ground, and your tires, in all
likelihood, will last longer and be more effective. Of course, a lot 
of factors go into even tire temps, so don't be disappointed if it 
takes you some time, perhaps several hours or more, to get it right. 

Tip: On the track, a fast frame rate is absolutely fundamental for
detecting minor fluctuations early enough to correct them. Turn off
nonessential graphics options or use the game as a good excuse to 
upgrade your computer or video card. 

Tip: Starting a race with no pace lap means you'll get a good chance
at picking up lots of early positions.

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