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 Natural Selection Cheats

Natural Selection

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Load game with the command line: "hl.exe -dev -console". Then, press ~ if
the orange text on the screen does not disappear. During gameplay, press ~ 
to display the text prompt and type in sv_cheats 1. Press ~ and enter one 
of the following console commands to activate the cheat function. 

Result                                           Code
New random hive for alien team                 - spawnhive  
Destroy random hive for alien team             - killhive  
Random upgrade category (1 for defense, 2 for 
offense, 3 for movement, 4 for sensory)       -  addcat [1-4]  
Remove upgrade category                       -  removeca [1-4]  
Get points                                    -  givepoints  
Kill all players with your current weapon     -  killall  
Toggle invincibility for yourself.            -  invul  
Immediately start game                        -  startgame  
End game with victory for indicated team      -  Endgame [1 or 2]  
Lala tooltip  tooltip                         -  lala  
Play test event                               -  testevent  
Display current number of human players       -  getnumplayers  
Teleport to nearest command station and start 
commander mode                                -  startcommandermode  
Exit commander mode                           -  stopcommandermode  
Simulate one web touch                        -  web  
Set culling distance needed for commander mode-  setculldistance [value]  
Set env_gamma level                           -  setgamma [1.0-2.0]  
Instant building construction                 -  bigdig  
Instant research                              -  hightech  
Give orders to yourself                       -  orderself  
Edit particle system                          -  editps [name]  
Lists particle systems                        -  listps  
Generate new minimap                          -  buildminimap  
Crash NS                                      -  crash  
Causes NS to assert                           -  assert  
Run server-side script                        -  run [name]  
Run a client-side script                      -  clientrun [name]  
Get indicated upgrade                         -  giveupgrade [upgrade code]  
Remove indicated upgrade                      -  removeupgrade [upgrade code]  
Kill all command stations                     -  killcs  
Slightly damage one command station           -  attackcs  
Generate random alert                         -  alert  
Parasites self (no damage)                    -  parasite  
Paralyzes self (as level 5 ability)           -  paralyze  
Show bounding boxes                           -  boxes  
Attempt to overflow player                    -  overflow  
Send test death message                       -  deathmessage [weapon name]  
Set skin color 0 is white, 1 is black         -  setskin [0 or 1]  
Easier redemption test                        -  redeem  

Upgrade codes:
Use one of the following values for the giveupgrade and removeupgrade codes.

Distress beacon       - 30 
Faster reinforcements - 31 
Jetpacks              - 28 
Marine armor upgrade  - 20 
Marine armor upgrade  - 21 
Marine armor upgrade  - 22 
Marine damage upgrade - 23 
Marine damage upgrade - 24 
Marine damage upgrade - 25 
Motion-tracking       - 33 
Power Armor           - 29 
Siege                 - 26 
Stimpack              - 27

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