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 NBA 2K12 Cheats

NBA 2K12

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter the "Features" menu. Select "Extras",
then "Codes". Enter one of the following codes.

Effect                           Code	
ABA ball                       - payrespect
Retro Air Jordans              - 23
2K China team                  - 2kchina
2K Sports team                 - 2ksports
NBA 2K development team        - nba2k
VC team                        - vcteam
Bobcats NASCAR Racing uniform  - agsntrccai
Cavs Cavfanatic uniform        - aifnaatccv
Hardwood Classics uniforms (1) - wasshcicsl
Hornets Mardi Gras uniform (2) - asrdirmga
Secondary road uniforms    (3) - eydonscar
St Patrick's Day uniforms  (4) - riiasgerh
Trail Blazers Rip City uniform - ycprtii
Secondary road uniforms (5)    - hcsilapadatu
Christmas uniforms (6)         - ibyasmliancbhlald
Heat Back in Black uniform     - albkbinkcca
Raptors Military Night uniform - liyrimta
Big heads                      - gigantic
Small players                  - shorty

(1) for Cavaliers, Jazz, Magic, Raptors, Timberwolves,  
    Trail Blazers, Warriors.
(2) for Grizzlies, Hawks, Mavs and Rockets.
(3) for Grizzlies, Hawks, Mavs and Rockets.
(4) for Bulls, Celtics, Knicks and Raptors.
(5) for 76ers, Jazz, Kings, Mavericks.
(6) for Bulls, Celtics, Heat, Knicks, Lakers, Mavericks.

My Player mode: Extremely high field goal percentage:
When you play a game in My Player mode, sometimes when you take more than 60 
shots in a game the stats will glitch and state that you shot 15/4 (or 375%),
or sometimes even higher. If you need an easy way to crank up your field goal
percentage (three point percentage will also work if you take 60 3's), go into 
the game and take a shot every possession. 
Even though the percentages glitch, your points and three-pointers made will
remain accurate to how many you actually earned. This is a good way to climb
to the top of the field goal percentage and three point percentage leaders, 
and may help you win MVP/awards.

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