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  Hints and Tips for: NBA 2K9 
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 NBA 2K9 Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

2KSports team         - Enter 2ksports as a code.
NBA Development team  - Enter nba2k as a code.
Visual Concepts team  - Enter vcteam as a code.
Superstars team       - Enter llmohffaae as a code. 
ABA ball              - Enter payrespect as a code.
2K China team         - Enter 2kchina as a code.
2009 All-Star jerseys - Enter llaveyfonus as a code.
2K Europe team        - Enter 2keurope as a code.
2K Japan team         - Enter 2kjapan as a code.

-=Penny Hardaway on 90's East=-
Go to the free agents, select Penny Hardaway, assign him to the 90's

East, and edit the following:

 Primary Position: PG 

 Preset: PG Distributor 
 Shooting (Close): 99 
 Shooting (Med.): 91 
 Shooting (3 Pt.): 74 
 Free Throws: 78 
 Layups: 95 
 Dunking: 85 
 Ballhandling: 90 
 Passing: 90 
 Low Post Off.: 75 
 Low Post Def.: 70 
 Blocking: 65 
 Stealing: 75 
 Off. Rebounding: 60 
 Def. Rebounding: 70 
 Speed: 85 
 Stamina: 99 
 Durability: 80 
 Off. Awareness: 90 
 Def. Awareness: 80 
 Potential: 50 
 Strength: 70 
 Vertical: 85 
 Shoot Off Dribble: 75 
 Shoot In Traffic: 80 
 Quickness: 86 
 Hustle: 90 
 Hands: 88 
 On Ball Defense: 75 
 Standing Dunk: 60 

 Shot Tendency: 60 
 Close Shots: 65 
 Mid-Range Shots: 65 
 3PT. Shots: 30 
 Drive The Lane: 85 
 Attempts Dunks: 65 
 Back To Basket: 50 
 Triple Threat: 85 
 Shoots Fadeaways: 65 
 Shoots Hookshots: 50 
 Attempts Putback: 20 
 Flashy Passes: 80 
 Commits Fouls: 14 
 Passing Lanes: 50 
 On Ball Steals: 50 
 Contests Shots: 30 

Michael Jordan:
Use the following customizations. Note: When adjusting the sliders, move 
each of them all the way to the left, then go to right for whatever amount

 First Name: Michael 
 Last Name: Jordan 
 Hand: Right 
 College/From: North Carolina 
 Years Pro: 1 
 Jersey Number: 23 
 Position: Shooting Guard 
 Secondary Pos: Shooting Guard 

 Age: 24 
 Height: 6'6" 
 Personality: Expressive 
 Build: Normal 
 Skin Color: 2 
 Muscle Tone: Buff 

 Hair Style: None 
 Hair Color: Brown 
 Beard Style: None 
 Moustache: Moustache 4 
 Goatee: None 

 Eye Color: Brown 
 Head Width: 27 
 Head Back: 42 
 Head Length: 15 
 Head Round: 36 
 Head Pointedness: 3 
 Neck Thickness: 64 
 Neck Fat: 14 
 Chin Length: 64 
 Chin Width: 15 
 Chin Protrusion: 49 
 Jaw Width: 35 
 Jaw Squareness: 0 
 Brow Height: 21 
 Brow Center: 11 
 Brow Width: 56 
 Brow Sloped: 12 
 Cheek Height: 47 
 Cheek Width: 47 
 Cheek Fullness: 10 
 Upper Lip Width: 43 
 Upper Lip Curve: 53 
 Upper Lip Protusion: 16 
 Lower Lip Width: 49 
 Lower Lip Curve: 10 
 Lower Lip Protusion: 30 
 Mouth Height: 20 
 Mouth Width: 25 
 Mouth Corners: 47 
 Ear Height: 41 
 Ear Width: 53 
 Ear Tilt: 4 
 Nose Width: 40 
 Nose Height: 22 
 Nose Protusion: 32 
 Nose Middle: 24 
 Nose Bridge: 38 
 Nose Tip Height: 16 
 Nose Tip Pointness: 16 
 Nostril Height: 38 
 Eye Height: 47 
 Eye Width: 31 
 Eye Protusion: 13 
 Eye Distance: 20 
 Eye Rotation: 38 
 Eye Openess: 32 

 Left Elbow Pad: Black Lrg Band 
 Left Knee Pad: Black Sleeve 
 Sock Length: Short 
 Home Sock Color: White 
 Away Sock Color: Black 

 Shoe Manuf.: Jordan 
 Shoe Style: Jordan Pure Pressure 
 Shoe Color: Red 

 Jumper: Quick Launch 
 Free Throw: Clean 
 Post: Textbook 
 Dunk/Layup: Basic Guard 
 Isomotion: Elite 3

Oklahoma City Thunder:
The Oklahoma City Thunder is still the Seattle Supersonics in the game.
To fix this problem, go to "Create Team" and create a new team called 
"Oklahoma City Thunder". Use the Thunder logo provided in the game, 
which closely resembles that actual one. Draft all of the Sonics players
to this team.

To unlock michael jordan:
Submitted by: Rashad Johnson

Go to features and then go th codes and enter "jordan2390".

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