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  Hints and Tips for: Necken 
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 Necken Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide with Tips:
Written by Crazyclay

In Necken, combat is turn based. When you encounter an enemy, you will get 
to attack first, and then the enemy will. Each turn the enemy’s weaknesses 
and strengths against weapon types will be randomised (shown as a set of 
shields on the right)

There are three weapon types, armour, melee, and shield.

Armour is at the top in combat, and will deal good damage and also block 
some of the damage the enemy deals on its turn. Melee deals great damage, but 
will never block any damage from the enemy (Good for dealing the final points 
of damage). Shields will deal okay damage and block a lot of damage.

-=Special Abilities=-
Each character has a special ability which will show up in combat below the 
shield. The default character, Unknowing Sara has the escape ability which 
gives you a small chance to flee the battle, but otherwise it will waste 
your turn and you will take damage.

-=Resource Collection=-
Resources are required for crafting new weapons, armour, and shields, so 
make sure to always to collect some when you have an opportunity.

* Wood is gathered from tree’s and thickets by pressing space.
* Stone is gathered from rocks by pressing space.
* Leather is gathered by defeating Boars and other enemies.
* Ores are gathered from ore deposits as long as you have the previous tier 
  or above pickaxe.
* Remember to press “E” to open the crafting UI.

Trinkets can be found in levels and you can only have one equipped at a time. 
Once you have equipped them and beat the game or, more likely, die with it 
equipped, it will show up in the trinkets area in the character selection 
screen, but it will be tinted grey and unusable. To unlock it, you will have 
to collect five crystals which can be found in gambling huts, traded for at 
rare storefronts, and probably a few other ways. Once you have five, you can 
unlock the trinket on the character selection screen and once you click on it 
you will start the game with it to give you a slight advantage you didn’t have 
last time. (My personal favorite trinket is the glove because haha theft)

* If a crow appears over a rock or tree, that means if you chop or mine the 
  tree/rock, a Dryad/Rock Golem will spawn next to it.
* Keys open locked boxes and require 5 logs to craft (boxes can have really 
  good weapons, or really bad ones or even just another key, so it’s a bit 
  of a gamble.).
* Gnome stumps will continuously spawn Gnomes, so take them out if possible, 
  or do your best to weave your way through the horde of Gnomes that will 
  surely take up the forest.
* You can eat berry bushes and mushrooms off the ground to heal.
* Berry Bushes will grow back after a little while.
* Enemies can also eat mushrooms, and will grow in size and get a crown over 
  their head if they do, giving them a significant stat boost for a short while. 
  Avoid at all costs!
* Bear traps will close a tick after you step on them, but once closed will 
  not hurt you.

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