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  Hints and Tips for: Necrobarista 
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 Necrobarista Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Tips (Gameplay, Save File Location, Issues):
Here you can find some useful info about gameplay, language, save file location etc.

-=How to start a new game (save file location)=-
Your save file is stored in the Windows AppData folder:

You can delete this (or just rename the folder) and the game will act as though 
you are launching the game for the first time and create a fresh save file.

-=About languages=-
The game's text (including dialogue, short stories, etc) will be available in all 14 
languages. Devs will update the store page later.

-=Gameplay features=-
It's a visual novel (more specifically, a kinetic novel) that is rendered in 3D and 
separated into chapters. After each chapter, you get to explore the game world in first-
person and unlock side content, which is essentially just short stories set in the same 
world, before moving onto the next chapter.

-=How to continue from second exploration area=-
You should be able to return to the first floor and use the tablet to advance. The 
staircase is blocked to start with. There's a memory at the top of the staircase that, 
when unlocked and read, will allow you to use the staircase to return to the first 
floor. Note that the memory in your path requires no fragments to unlock, so you can't 
get locked out of progressing due to not having enough fragments.

Full Memory Locations List:
Written by Poopsythe34

An crappy list of memory locations until something better comes along.

This guide is meant to help those who are having issues finding certain memory locations.

I am not listing the requirements for each memory because, though the game doesn't make 
it clear, after you finish you will have been given enough pieces to unlock every memory. 
Or at least that's what happened in my case after booting up again.

-=Memories In Menu Order=-
The Fisherman I - Ground Floor, bottle and glass by entrance.
The Fisherman II - Upper Floor, fish trophy near billiards table.
The Fisherman III - Storage, sack by end of shelves on far right.
Crucible Product Reviews - Ground Floor, latte machine by pastry display at counter.
Ashley's Journal I - Ground Floor, robot in corner near windows.
Ashley's Journal II - Storage, robot in back left corner.
Judgement I - Ground Floor, Chay's Collection of books under the stairs.
Judgement II - Cellar, machine in back right wall.
Lamington Recipe - Ground Floor, table with food next to short end of the bar.
Thinking About Alchemy the Wrong Way - Ground Floor, sandwich board by counter entrance.
Delicate Operation - Upper Floor, box at end of bookshelves.
Billiards I - Upper Floor, billiards table.
Billiards II - Storage, sign hanging on end of shelves near table.
Billiards III - Outside, flyer by entrance.
Maddy's Inbox - Upper Floor, laptop near top of stairs.
Advisory Role - Upper Floor, dishes behind a curtain near the laptop.
Beth I - Storage, knives.
Beth II - Outside, bags on pallets.
Beth III - Cellar, knife on left side.
Rotten Poppy - Storage, jar on shelves on right side.
Funereal - Outside, left of bridge.
Perfectionist - Outside, axe lying on tank.
Ashley's Inventions I - Outside, right of bridge, wrench on wreckage.
Ashley's Inventions II - Upper Floor Backroom, tool shelves above the monitors.
Something Down Under - Upper Floor Backroom, porthole.
Fate of Icarus - Upper Floor Backroom, device in front of monitors.
Tanqueray 10 - Upper Floor Backroom, bottles on the ground by the table.
Sometimes I Just Sit - Cellar, gourd on machine on right side.

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