Need for Speed - Shift Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Need for Speed - Shift 
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 Need for Speed - Shift Cheats

Need for Speed - Shift

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy driver points:
* In Quick mode, select "Race Mode", "20 laps", "15 opponents", and "Hazyview 
  Eight" as a location. 

* To get easy driver points and money, in Quick Race mode, select "Drift mode",
  "0 opponents", "15 laps", and ".22 Mile Oval Track" as a location. This track
  is so small you should get a 2x quickly and keep it the entire time.

Getting easy stars:
Submitted by: Amila(AK ROCKS)

Hey Guys don't give up the game & hope most of you are annoyed when getting stars,
so cheers here comes the tricky part.....just if anyone stuck in the middle of 
tier 3 or so...just try to get stars in an easy manner like this....just stay on
the green arrow icon and also if there is anything mention on the screen like speed
120 or whatever try to do the same while you keeping your car on the arrows...but 
i prefer to get those points such as 120 pts etc then again you can re race it and 
get the speed point like wise you can go to tier 4 very easily. 
For me it worked and hope you gonna rock like me...just chill.

Useful information for modification:
Submitted by: Asi

In "career" mode, when u r modifying your car, dont always follow the stat bars. 
When installing any part always look at the performance stats (e.g. 0-100,top speed,etc.)
NOTE: Some times on installing body kits, the bars increase but the performance stats 
reduce. Also,install any weight reduction part only when u r sure about its effects.
(Some car's handlings are badly affected).
Follow my advice and HAVE FUNNNN!!!! 

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