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  Hints and Tips for: Neptune 
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 Neptune Cheats


Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: RM

Note the heart inscribed on the wall. If you click the top of the screen
you'll look at the ceiling. The shapes can be put together to make a number.

* Back up to the first screen, then hang a left to look at the bed. You can 
  zoom in where the foot of the bed meets the wall, and there's a plug you 
  need to grab. Zoom back out.

* Click the pillow to lift it, and grab the key underneath.

* Turn left twice. On the bottom of the door you'll see another broken number.
   Zoom in, note the spade below, and piece them together. 8

* You can zoom in below the gray box on the left, so do that. There's a keyhole
  on the left witch unlocks the panel. Unlock, open, and retrieve the note and 
  companion cube. Zoom back out and head for the bed again.

* Zoom on the note in your inventory (double click) and click it to open it. 
  Note the five square symbols on the top right, and that all of them are on 
  the grid to the left. The grid's a magic square, and you can deduce what the
  symbols stand for. I think this changes every game. Figure out the code and 
  close the note.

* This code opens the gray keypad box in front of you, so open it, grab the 
  second plug and the bottle, and note the diamond on the box and the broken 
  number. 3

* This code opens the gray keypad box in front of you, so open it, grab the 
  second plug and the bottle, and note the diamond on the box and the broken 
  number. 2

* Take another look at the note. In the bottom right are all the suits we've 
  seen. Replace those with the numbers associated to get the second code. I think
  the order changes. Zoom out.

* Use the second code to open the second keypad box. Pick up the second key and 
  bottle. Zoom out.

* Turn right twice. In the bottom you can zoom in and open another panel with 
  the new key. Do so and grab the mallet. Zoom out and turn right twice.

* Now open both bottles by zooming in and clicking the lids. Zoom in on the cube,
  select the bottles, and dump them both in the hole on top of the cube. 
  Zoom back out.

* Zoom in on the gray box and open it. Insert both plugs. Zoom out

* Zoom in on the green trash can thing. Click the top to open it. Put the cube in,
  close it, and hit the switch. Let it go crazy, then open it back and get your cube.

* Zoom in on your cube, then smack it with the mallet. This should crack it open 
  and give you a little orange dude. Zoom out all the way and turn right twice.

* Open the box beside the door and put the little dude inside. Zoom out and turn right.

* Open the gray box and throw the switch.

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