Newgrounds Rumble Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Newgrounds Rumble 
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 Newgrounds Rumble Cheats

Newgrounds Rumble

Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: RM

Challenge 1:  Itís 3 versus 1, against a giant Piconjo. Do the math. 
Challenge 2:  Wow, I guess I got lucky with my items. Use teleport to 
              avoid getting flanked and make your priorty on getting the
              powerups. It may be a bit difficult. 
Challenge 3:  Your degenerating in life. This is pretty easy tho, just 
              spam some of the same attacks. Youíll get it. 
Challenge 4:  Everyone has range attack enabled. Might pose some difficult
              since your Nene and here range sucks. Once you get one of 
              the enemies down tho its pretty much over. 
Challenge 5:  Really easy. Should only take 10 seconds. Get the opponent 
              under the metal compactor thingy and its over. 
Challenge 6:  Keep using jump attack and you wonít get juggled.
Challenge 7:  This ones a joke. Same strategy as last, not even. 
              Just keep pressing buttons. 
Challenge 8:  For me the copy froze after a while. Abuse items.
Challenge 9:  Once of the harder once. Avoid missile and Salad Fingers.
Challenge 10: Salad fingers has the strongest attacks in the game, use them.
Challenge 11: Itís a free-for-all and its easy.
Challenge 12: Yeah, not hard at all. Spam attacks.

Cheat Codes:
This only works if you are on versus. Find hank and when fount
click on the middle of his goggles so you can play as a hanchmen.
Note: Henchmen are very easy to kill so be carefull!

Free Gold In Tutorial:
To use this secret complete the tutorial. You will probably get 200 or 100 
gold for completing it. It only works ONCE!
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