Newton and the Apple Tree Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Newton and the Apple Tree 
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 Newton and the Apple Tree Cheats

Newton and the Apple Tree

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Game Walkthrough:
This is the walkthrough for Newton and the Apple Tree. The original Japanese 
walkthrough was made from seiya-saiga. Using this guide, we’ll be making multiple 
saves (4 in total).

-=Recommended Play Order=-
Important Note: For your first playthrough, you will be locked on either Yotsuko’s 
or Lavi’s route. After Lavi’s ending, the other routes should be accessible.

* Utakane Yotsuko
* Lavi Gier
* Tsukumo Haru
* Emmy Felton
* Alice Bedford

-=Utakane Yotsuko=-
* Teach her about sushi (Any choice is fine)
* Explain that it’s not a problem of size. (Any choice is fine)
* Say you forgot something inside.
*Think your way out.
* (Create Save 1) Wipe away her tears
* Utakane Yotsuko END

-=Lavi Gier=-
* (Load Save 1) Help her up.
* (Create Save 2) Must be my imagination…
* Deep Sleep. (Any choice is fine)
* Lavi Gier END

-=Tsukumo Haru=-
* (Load Save 2) From the Balcony…?
* (Create Save 3) Go out to the balcony.
* Tsukumo Haru END

-=Emmy Felton=-
* (Load Save 3) Better go to sleep.
* Drop the apple in front of her.
* (Create Save 4) Take Emmy’s Hand.
* Emmy Felton END

-=Alice Bedford=-
* (Load Save 4) Talk sense into Emmy.
* I can come up with something better…
* This doesn’t cut it.
* There’s more…!
* I’m not over yet!
* It has to be stupid-brother.
* Alice Bedford END

After Alice Bedford’s ending, go to the title screen and go to Special. There should 
be a “Continue+” on the buttom right corner of the screen, click on it to see an 
extra story. Fair warning, this is non-canon from the main story, so think of this 
as an extra scenario and nothing more. 

* I’ll buy the next game.
* o
* ’ll pre-order the game right now!
* Yes I want to see.
* It’s really… big…
* Extra END

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