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  Hints and Tips for: New World 
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 New World Cheats

New World

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Upgrade Camp Tier:
Quests with upgrade Camp tier's.

Upgrade Camp Tier

-=Camp Tier 1=-
You can get on the beach when you first appear in the world.

-=Camp Tier 2=-
Access to raising the level of the camp will appear at character level 15, 
you can increase it in the quest: "Survivalist: Friends in Fashion" 
You can get it in Monarch Bluff's.

How to get Gems in New World?:
To get Gems, you will first have to mine various Veins.

* All you have to do is head over to any Ore Veins.
* You will be able to locate the same by looking for the Resource 
  Locations Icon on the map.
* Make sure you keep a lookout for any dark-looking rock in your surroundings.
* Now, just head over to said rocks.
* If this rock is actually an Ore Vein in New World you will be able to see 
  an interactive pop-up with the name of the resource.
* Equip the Pickaxe and long-press the E key and you will be able to break 
  the rock.
* After this, you will get Gems as a resource in New World.
* However, you have to remember that Gems are not a confirmed drop. 
  You will have to break open a lot of rocks before you can actually get 
  Gemstones as a drop.
* If you do have a high mining rating, it will be easier for you to get Gems 
  as a drop in the game. The drop rates are not concrete as of now.
* The higher the rarity of the Ore Vein, the higher the probability of 
  getting a rare gem.
* Also, the rarer your pickaxe, the better your chances of getting gems.

Dungeons Guide + Basic Terminology + Level Requirements:
Written by By Softnor

A dungeon/expedition guide for completely new players. Basic terminology, roles & 
setups and level requirements.

Basic general terminology for mmorpg games:
LF = Looking for
LFM = Looking for more
LFG/LFT = Looking for group/team
LF1M = Looking for 1 member
DPS/DD = Damage dealer

-=Roles and setups=
The most standardized and balanced line-up for 5-man dungeons/expeditions 
would look like this:

* 1 Tank
* 1 Healer
* 3 DPS

LVL 25 – Amrine Excavation
LVL 35 – Shattered Obelisk
LVL 45 – The Depths
LVL 55 – Dynasty Shipyard
LVL 60 – Lazarus Instrumentality
LVL 60 – Garden of Genesis

Basic Game Information + Walkthrough Guide:
Written by oak.unity

Little things to help you along the way in the first couple of hours of New World.

-=First beach=- 
* After the initial tutorial for movement and fighting, you face the captain and 
  awake on the beach. 
* On route to the initial quest giver gather several flint rocks and green wood 
  from from bush. 
* When you reach the quest giver use the fire to ‘craft’ and make one flint version 
  of each tool. 
* Press the tab to open the inventory screen and double click each tool to add it 
  to the tool belt. 
* Making tools before the quest to do so doesn’t stop you being given the quest 
  nor does it stop you from being able to complete them. 
-=Easy Arcana XP=- 
On route to the first township look out for a river or stream, follow the river and 
collect about 80 fresh water and all bull rushes you can carry before entering the town. 
Find the arcane work station and make all Weak Health Potion’s you can (1 Water and 1 
Bull Rush cob is needed for each one) once complete you can carry 100 in the first 
consumable slot. 
This should be enough for six to eight crafting levels and a few hundred XP. 
Don’t forget to store the potions that will not fit in the slot. 
-=Finding your first Mining nodes=-
So, this is an easy two stage process, stage ones easy to do but stage two may not 
be as easy to pull off without some form of healing depending on you’re level. 
You can not track ore nodes at the start of the game so you can either: 
1 – Wander the map, looking for the little off coloured pyramids of iron joy 
2 – Mine boulders until you get to level 10. 
The quickest I’ve found is number 2, mine the boulders until you get to level 10 mining. 
Then when you are at level 10 mining, start looking for wolf dens. They all have iron 
or silver ore nodes within them or around them that you can run a loop around while the 
nodes respawn. 

Add that to the constantly re-spawning wolves and you have Ore/Raw Hide/Loot and mining/
skinning/kill XP etc, all in one place and bundle, until you run out of inventory space 
at least. 
I’ve also found some Wolf Dens that also have Gold and Platinum ore nodes in them. 
Lynx dens also appear to follow the same pattern but I’ve only observed one Lynx den 
so far so cannot confirm this to be true of all of them. 
Dens are also a good source of Saltpetre required for gunpowder. 
-=Turkeys are not just for Christmas=- 
* Turkeys are the main (if not only) source of feathers at the beginning of the game. 
* Feathers are needed to make arrows, each turkey will drop between 5 and 12 feathers 
  (from my own count). 
* Even if you are not going to be using arrows yourself, these are likely to be a easy 
  income source for people who do need them, either in the raw state or in the made 
  arrow state depending on if you intent to raise the crafting skills as well. 
One of the settlement quests is to kill 25 turkeys. I skinned all 25 and from the 
feathers got from level 1 to level 20 engineering just by making the Iron Arrows. 
** Do not make the mistake of making Flint Arrows 
-=Gathering when turning in Quests=-
Once you have completed all current quests and are on your way back in to hand them 
in, don’t waste any inventory space! 

From any route back to a quest hub you will find some resources to gather. 
This may appear to be a time sink with little benefit, however as the town boards will 
often have quests for certain food, potions or raw material items always keeping a 
stock of these items in your town storage is actually a time saver. 
* Gather hemp for fibres (at least one town quest for 100 fibres) 
* Gather herbs for cooking. (Multiple town quests for rations) 
* Gather all the food items, carrots, squashes, corn etc. 
* Gather all the weird plants and fungi that dot the world, they can give a lot of 
  useful components for potions so can be useful for you’re own use or as a trade item. 
Even if it’s just green wood or stone from outside the settlement’s walls, there are 
quests for Bricks and Timber. 
From all the food items I’d gathered by using this method I was able to get from level 
10 to level 79 cooking in fifteen minutes by making light rations until I could make 
sausages then from them to Light Meals at level 50 and three minutes later I ran out 
of materials at a few points over level 79 
Similar crafting progress with arcana workshop, level 6/7 from the Bullrush Cobs to 50+ 
in about twenty minutes in the crafting UI. 
-=Territory points=-
It looks like the most efficient use of territory points are: 

* Gathering speed boost 
* Storage capacity boost 
* Territory point gain boost 
Mainly this would mean the best use of the territory bonuses as it doesn’t matter which 
faction controls the territory or what the taxes are at that point in time. Leave any 
gathered resources in the storage until the territory changes hands to a more relaxed 
taxation scheme. 

Worst case, load up you’re inventory and fast travel to a territory with lower refining/
crafting taxes. 
In the long term it may be advantageous to spend all the territory points in one territory 
to lower the taxes and refine/craft only in that territory. The maths would currently 
support this over a long term real time investment in to the game world. 

-=Armour Crafting=- 
Armour crafting skill is shared between metal and cloth/leather armours. 
The easiest route to increase your metal armour crafting skill is to hunt animals and 
skin them for the raw hide and make lots of leather armour, salvage them and repeat 
the process until you run out of leather. 
Why is this easier you may ask? Even if you don’t ask I’m still going to tell you… 
At the early stages of the game everyone and their mother are going to be camping ore 
spawn points, the efficiency of the area will tank as the node respawns will have 
multiple people after them. 
In another section I suggested wolf dens as the perfect place to gather ore, this 
advice stays the same but aim for using raw hide to raise that armouring crafting 
skill and then you can save the majority of any ore you do get to make the metal 
armour items you want and need rather than as a means to raise your skill level.

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