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  Hints and Tips for: Need for Speed - Underground 
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 Need for Speed - Underground Cheats

Need for Speed - Underground

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Gaurav
Update by: Niall Smyth
Update by: mike russ
Update by: Alex
Update by: ArJakas
Submitted by: conner54    

Cheat mode:
Start game as usual. Prior to entering each of the following cheat codes, go to
the [Main Menu], go to the [Statistics] sub-menu, go back again (pressing DELETE),
and finally enter your desired cheat: 

Code                Result 
Acars              - unlock al cars
undergroundlevels  - unlock al underground levels
gimmesomecircuits  - Unlock Circuits 
gimmesomesprints   - Unlock Sprint Circuits 
gimmesomedrag      - Unlock Drag Circuits 
gimmeppablo        - Unlock Petey Pablo 
gotcharobzombie    - Unlock Rob Zombie 
havyamystikal      - Unlock Mystikal 
needmylostprophets - Unlock Lost Prophets 
119focus           - Unlock Car 
893neon            - Unlock Car 
899eclipse         - Unlock Car 
371impreza         - Unlock Car 
222lancer          - Unlock Car 
922sentra          - Unlock Car 
667tiburon         - Unlock Car 
334mygolf          - Unlock Car 
777rx7             - Unlock Car 
350350z            - Unlock Car 
111skyline         - Unlock Car 
221miata           - Unlock Car 
2000s2000          - Unlock Car 
889civic           - Unlock Car 
228supra           - Unlock Car 
342integra         - Unlock Car 
239celica          - Unlock Car 
973rsx777          - Unlock Car 
allmylvloneparts   - all lvl 1 parts
seemylvl2parts     - all lvl 2 vis. parts
seeallmylvl2parts  - all lvl2 per part 

Submitted by: A.M.N EGY

If You Want To Unlock Most Of The Cars Like Samatha's Car Or Eddi's Car Fast
Just choose A 5 Star Reputation Car And Play In Drift And Make It 10 Laps It
Will Give You More Styling Points Than Drag Or Circute Or Sprint And Also It
 Unlocks Vinly And Some Body Parts....Enjoy.

Submitted by: bidur

If ur car isn't gaining speed then at the evolution mode go to the garage and
select a car. then go to parts and buy new and advanced parts (i.e. buy big bore
throttle body,high performance exaust system etc. and replace them with standard
throttle body, standard exaust system and so on). u can also buy other many 
advanced parts and then come back and go to the car setup and install those new
parts that u have bought and take part in races. ur car gains a lot of speed. 
u can earn lots of dollars.have fun!

Submitted by: sahan(N.C) 

To ride with maximum speed while taking a turn never push the brakes...Instead 
try to take your hand off the accelarator and take the turn... And in the middle
of the process press the accelarator....This will reduse the speed loss that your
car was encountering previously....... Making you the king of the street in no 
time by adding style points in to your account...enjoy!!!

Submitted by: Himanshu

As soon as your comes near the wall & you feel that there will be a wall impact, 
just press 'R' to restart your car and prevent the wall impact. This will help 
in increasing style points.

Submitted by: Himanshu

At the main menu, select the "Statistics" option, then press [Delete] or [Backspace] 
to return to the main menu. Then, type one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:
slidingwithstyle - Drift physics in all tracks
driftdriftbaby   - To unlock all drift tracks 

Submitted by:  Nick
If you try the cheats and they don't work this is why:

I can help with your problem! You have to go to the statistics menu and hit backspace
instead of delete, this will take you back to the main menu. Nothing out of the 
ordinary will happen but type in the code and hit enter and you go back to the 
statistics menu. After that your code will work in quick race only. I haven't found
a way to make it work for the underground section. 

Example: Go to statistics and hit enter.
Now hit backspace (should take you back to main menu).
Type your code (for instance allmylvl1parts [for engine upgrades]).
Hit enter (should be back at statistics menu).
Hit backspace.
Either enter another code or go to quick race to use your cheat! 

Submitted by: Harshal Maitrani

While in the underground mode when u get the level performance upgrade buy the the
last pack[ex. level 4]That will help enhance the car best.Then dont worry about 
catching up at all.Just Have A Crash free Ride...ENJOY.

Submitted by: Owais

If You Want To Gain more points In Drift Mode gain speed to 50 KMP.and Put your Front
wheels on End Points of Road And turns until points increasing stops.

Submitted by: Matthew Forrester

When you have just recieved a new mission first check what type of mission it is. 
If it is a mission that lets u choose if you want to accept or decline always 
choose decline, so you have faster and easier game to play. 

Submitted by: Bharadwaj

In this game, after levels like 70 and above the easy way is to push the from back.
And remember to hold ur nitrous Oxide while doing this.Ive completed all the levels
for saved game folder u van mail me at""

Submitted by: arjun

when u eill plying the game u enter once and enter cheat=fastst the car will be fast.

Submitted by: Pawan Kumar

If you want to win in underground mode easily,here is the cheat.just go to the 
installation folder\cars(folder in which there is gamedata)and here begins the 
cheat. First make backup of this copy file ambulance outside the folder. 
Now rename it as the names of the cars and copy back to the cars play 
the game(Don't replace the file of your car)now when you will play the game all 
your opponent will drive slowly thereby winning you the race(Although you will 
only see the Four tyres of the opponent cars) Enjoy!

Submitted by: M.FAWAD

You can also unlock parts in underground mode.just you have to do this, before 
unlocking something in underground mode go to statistics press DEL button and 
then write the code e.g (seeallmylvl2parts) then go to underground mode.go to 
cutomize car you see that all level 2 parts are available for you.

Submitted by: Vishnu

If u wanna unlock petey pablo's car (4x rep Eclipse),just hit 'enter' while keeping 
your pointer on statistics sub menu. Then hit backspace and now type the cheat 
"gimmeppablo" (without"")and again hit enter.You'll find an ecstatic 4x rep Eclipse.
Similarly try these:

1. havyamystikal
2. gotcharobzombie
3. allmylvloneparts(you'll see visual upgrades)
4. seeallmylvl2parts

Note: You'll find these cars in quick race mode only!!!. I'm really sorry.

Submitted by: anvit

When you complete underground mode just go to quickrace and then select a car which 
is having 5 star reputation and full level 3 performance upgrades.then play drift 
mode keeping the laps 10 and avoiding wall impacts.if you do this you will get a lots 
of style points and you will unlock many vinyls and decals!

Going up a ramp:
When you go on a ramp and someone is right next to you, you could hit their rear 
back forcing it side ways making them spin. if done correctly this can be very 
effective especially on a bridge.

Submitted by: Rohit Barua

This procedure involves Deleting a game file; 
create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. 

To fly in NFSUnderground1 go to the installed folder (Need For Speed Underground) , 
then go to (cars)and delte the folder (Wheels). The next when you play the game all 
the racing cars will fly!!!!!!!!

If any problem contact me at (
-Rohit Barua 

To Go Faster & faster:
Submitted by: ryo_xxx

When a turns arrives relese the the acceleration and turn and again accelarate . 
This in turns saves.... ur speed and time (NOTE:when used brakes,the speeds decreases 
by -60. When not used brakes the speed decreases but gets you better handling by +20 
and when u accelarate that time the speed increases faster by 5 seconds).

9999 style points:
Do a drift race with a good sliding car. In the middle of the drift or slide, pause 
game play, wait at least seven seconds, then resume. Complete the drift without crashing
into wall. This is only drift that you do not have to complete perfectly in the entire 
race. Do not crash or the trick will not work. On the first course, ten laps on easy, 
after the drift you will see that you were awarded 9,999 style points.

Chrome muffler tips:
You can give the muffler tips a chrome appearance as well as the rims. Choose the color
in the first row, third from the left. It should be a chrome appearance.

Easy vinyls:
Go to "Quick Race" and get over 300,000 on a drift track to unlock a lot of vinyls.
Go to "Quick Race" then go to drift. Set ten laps on your favorite track. Choose your 
car, then get the most points and keep restarting. You can also unlock cars by doing

Increase your style points!:
Submitted by: Ishank Naik

Hey guys, i've got some tips which would do a favour for you when you challenge racers:

1.When you are on drive, just follow a car right behind her keeping a very little distance 
  and you'll gain DRAFT points as long as you hold yourself as a tail of any opponent.
2.When you get over a speed of 120, only you need is to press your hand brake at the turnings
  without hiting edges of the road and turn your car. and here you earn the POWERSLIDE points.
3.when you see a bridge coming ahead press your nitro booster and drive with extinct speed. 
  this will lead to remain in air for a long time thus increasing you HANG-TIME points.
4.Sometimes at driving spots you'll just get at a dis appearing two way. you will feel that 
  its shorter than your way so enter that way which is a hidden shortcut which will get your
  destination closer to you. each SHORTCUT wiil add a total of 100 points to your style points.
  No matter you go how many times from a same shortcut but you will get points per shorcut 
  for just one time.
5.When you pass aside a car in traffic you shall get closer as much as possible and drive 
  away but not to hit the car. for this you earn 100 points of NEAR-MISS per car. if you do
  the same for many cars continously without hitting them your points will be multiplied to
  that many numbers.
6.Driving as quick as you can at an accidential area with comfort gains you CLEAN-SECTION 

If you enconter any problems from my tips you can contact me1 my email id id is:

All American car:
Use the following modifications with any car (Toyota Supra recommended).

Window Tint: Dark black 
Any bumpers or skirts 
Spoiler: Switchblade 

Base: Gloss Blue (first row darkest) 
Spoiler: White 
Rims: White 

Body: Vinyl #1 painted gloss red (first row) 
Side: Vinyl wild # 1 white 
Hood: vinyl modern # 7

Use the following trick to get the Honda S2000 make a wheelie. Max out a Honda S2000, but
leave the suspension stock. Body parts do not affect this trick. Select the drag race and
choose your favorite track. When race starts, put the RPM needle to green and keep it on 
it. When race starts, put the gas to full. The car should make a wheelie. Note: This may 
require many attempts and Level 3 performance parts are required. 

Recommended cars:
For the drag part, use a Honda S2000. If you have the perfect shift and the extreme 
performances, you will be about three or more seconds ahead of everyone. For drifting, try
a Mazda RX-7 because its a good rear wheel drive car. For the rest, try using a Civic, 
Skyline, Eclipse, and the Acuras. They have quick response, but not to the point where you
will hit the wall and sometimes spin out.

Recommended cars:
Use the following trick for easy Underground mode completion and race wins. When you choose
your car at the start, select the Mazda Miata even though it is slightly slower than the 
Neon. The Miata may be slower but its handling will allow you to win every race under the 
hard difficulty setting until you get to about race 63. After you start putting performance
parts on it, you should notice that the Miata is a much better choice. Once you get to the 
point where you have the Mitsubishi Eclipse and all level 2 upgrades unlocked, trade your 
Miata in for the Eclipse and all the performance stats will increase. Once you have unlocked
the Nissan Skyline, trade it in for that. You should be able to complete the rest of the 
game with the Skyline. However, it is possible to complete the game without switching to 
the Skyline.
Once you trade for the Eclipse, you will have much faster take-offs giving you style points
for head starts. If you choose to stay with the Skyline you will have to remove some of the 
speed based performance parts when you get to about race 104, which is the seven lap race. 
You may wipe out with the Skyline due to the enormous amount of speed you gain in the track.
Lower the top speed and leave the acceleration and handling up if possible. After that, put 
all the performance parts back on the car and finish the game.

Hints - Bigger/Smaller Rims:
It is possible to put bigger/smaller rims on cars, because the size in inches changes from 
car to car, e.g. the Honda civic level 3 rims are 19", the Mazda rx7 level 3 are 20", etc. 
Install the rims you like on the car you have. Then, trade your car in for a car that has
rims of that level bigger or smaller than your car. Return to the rim customization screen
and pick the same rims on that car. Although they already are installed, you must reinstall
them for the game to register the size change. Clicking on next will simply ask you if you 
want to install the rims, although they already are, say yes. Then, go and trade your car 
back for what you had and it will keep the rim size you put on. On some cars, bigger rims 
will make them go through the fenders. 

Points for 360 in Drift:
When you are in drift mode you can get some extra points for doing doughnuts. Hold one 
direction and the handbrake and gas and let go of the handbrake after a second. You'll 
just sit there and do doughnuts. This won't get you massive points but it's something.

Easier drag wins:
Get a car and install nitros (level 3 recommended). In a drag race, go behind a car in 
the same lane. Go up to it. When you are about 2, hit the car's bumper. Then, hit the 
nitros and keep holding them. If done correctly, you will eventually flip the car in 
front of you out of your way.

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