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  Hints and Tips for: NHL 2000 
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 NHL 2000 Cheats

NHL 2000

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Nikola Sunjka

When you create new player,give him a name Paul Kariya, or Teene Salenne.
Then the game will ask you would you like to be like him(Paul Kariya, or 
Teene Salenne). Then press 'yes'.You can change his name,and replace it 
with yours. You will play just like him,but your overall will not be the 
same. You can give your created player any real player name from NHL 2000.

Cheat mode: 
While playing a game, type one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:

Code       Result 
awaygoal - Gives Away Team a Goal 
homegoal - Gives Home Team a Goal 
zambo    - Brings the Zamboni Out on the Ice During the Game 
spots    - Shows the Pre-Game Spotlights 
penalty  - Brings a Penalty to the Team Without the Puck 
injury   - Cause and Injury 
victory  - Fireworks 
flash    - Camera Flashes from Crowd 
check    - Auto Check on Contact with Opposing Player 
grab     - Auto Stick Hold on Contact with Opposing Player 
mantis   - Gives Players Elongated Arms, Legs, and Necks 
nhlkids  - Makes Players Smaller 

Note: Enable this code while your team has the puck to stop the other team
and start a powerplay. Repeatedly enter the code to start an extended 

Footnote for the "penalty" Code:
Enable this code while your team has the puck to stop the other team and 
start a powerplay. Repeatedly enter the code to start an extended powerplay.

Victory Scream:
Press [Big Deke] after scoring a goal or winning a fight. The player on your
team that scored or won the fight will scream loudly.

Cheat Tip 2:
Here are some codes for NHL 2000. These codes are used by typing in the code
name in the Credits screen.

Code         Result
headbone   - players with big heads
buffed     - big players
gulliver   - huge goalies
massrink   - huge rink surface
night      - dark arena with spotlights on the players
squeaky    - high pitched commentators
barrywhite - low pitched commentators
warp9      - super fast gameplay
slomo      - super slow gameplay
zerog      - puck has no friction

Note: All of the codes are supported in multiplayer - for season play only 
those codes which don't affect AI are enabled (bighead, night, squeaky, 

Instant Trades: 
In season mode, you can get any player you want. To do this, go to the commisioner
menu off of the main season menu. Choose the teams with players you want as teams
you control. Go to the trade menu and trade from one team you control to another.
When yo get all the players you want, go back to the commisioner screen and change
all the teams you don't want to control to computer control. You will still have 
the players, but wont have to control the teams. 

If you press the shift key after scoring a goal you hear a funny laugh or chuckle. 

After scoring a goal, winning a fight or at the end of a game you just won, hit 
the Big Deke / Big Hit key, also known as the Z key to perform one of many taunts.

Game Hints: 
* NHL 2000 rewards skilled passing with opportunities and goals. Work on the 
  one-time pass.

* One of the best defensive techniques involves mowing down anything you see. In
  the Game Rules menu, set the penalty slider low, then go after any player. If 
  you miss the puck carrier, take out one of his cohorts before you switch control
  to another player.

* On defense, remember that you are extremely vulnerable to rebounds. Sure, the 
  other guys will get their fair share of breakaways (though you should try to 
  eliminate them, too), but an open man with a rebound is very dangerous indeed.
  In short, ensure that any player standing in front of your net, even if he has
  already shot, gets bounced.

* One of the most wicked weapons you have in your arsenal is the deflection. Send
  your winger at fast speed into an offensive corner, then twirl him back toward 
  the blue line; this gives your two linemates time to get themselves in front of
  the opponent's net. You'll next want to hit the Pass button while pointing your
  player toward the net with the D-pad, then depress the Shoot button just before
  the puck has reached your teammate. The resulting change of direction can fool 
  even the best goaltender.
* Dekes are back! The NHL series has once again put a premium on slick stickhandling
  as you're coming in on the goal. A skilled player such as Pavel Bure or Joe Sakic 
  will capitalize on breakaways with a move to the right, then a move to the left 
  (or vice versa), and a quick shot to the open side.

Hidden players:
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter one of the following real NHL player names.

Shawn Heins 
Steve Mckenna 
Esa Tikannen 
Robert Esche 
Filip Kuba 
Antti Lakksonen 
Bill Ranford 
Jean-Sebastien Gigure 
Jochen Hecht 
Jim Carey 
Marcel Cousineau 
Andy Delmore 
Dave Gagner 
Jonathan Girard 
Michal Handzus 
Dan LaCouture 
Darren Puppa 
Tood Reirden 
Andy Sutton 
Andrei Trefilov 
Jeff Toms 
Steve Webb 
Peter Zezel

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