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  Hints and Tips for: NHL 2003 
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 NHL 2003 Cheats

NHL 2003

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Ezrockgw

Easy goals:
If you are skating with someone that has a very high rank in the Deke 
category such as Joe Sakic, Kariya, etc., once you get past the opposition's
blue line, press Down, then press Auto Deke. Immediately after he is done 
with the Deke, press Shoot. You will score about 95% of the time.

Deflection shot: 
Submitted by: Ezrockgw

Get the puck to the offensive zone near the blue line.Hold Deflection/Short 
Block while shooting. One of your players will skate to the front of the net 
and deflect the puck in.

Use NHL player's face and picture for a created player: 
Submitted by: Ezrockgw

When entering a name for a created player, use an existing NHL player's name. 
A prompt will confirm that the player is in the database and then ask if you 
want to create a player like him. Select "Yes" and you will receive his face 
type and picture for you player. You can then enter any name and stats once 
you have finished. 

Bonus players:
Submitted by: conner54

Create a player and enter one of the following names. 
The game will complete his abilities and stats. 
Some players will also have a portrait. 

Adam Hall
Alfie Michaud
Barry Richter
Ben Simon
Blake Bellefeuille
Brad Moran
Brian Sutherby
Chris Ferraro
Corey Hirsch
Dave Morisset
David Nemirovsky
Derek Mackenzie
Eric Fichaud
Evgeny Konstantinov
Greg Crozier
Greg Pankewicz
Guy Hebert
Ivan Huml
Jakub Cutta
Jason LaBarbera
Jason Zent
Johan Witehall
Kay Whitmore
Larry Murphy
Mark Fitzpatrick
Marquis Mathieu
Martin Brochu
Matt Herr
Matt Higgins
Michel Larocque
Raffi Torres
Rene Corbet
Rich Parent
Rick Tabaracci
Sascha Goc
Scott Fankhouser
Ty Jones
Xavier Delisle

Easter Egg cards:
To get an Easter Egg cheat card, win ten games in a row without boosting 
your goalie or players with the same NHL team. You cannot use an international
team. You must win one hundred games in row to unlock all of the cheats.

Easy Goals:
A player with good shot aim or puck handling is recommended. Set "Shot Aim" 
to "Manual". Choose the away team so your goal is on the top part of the 
screen. Give the puck to a right-handed wing or center. They often shoot the
best. Take the puck down to the big circle on the right with the cross in it.
As you get to the cross press [Shoot] and hold [Down]. It should put the puck
right through the five hole. Note: This will not work every time. For the same
results you can do the opposite and give the puck to a left handed person and
shoot from the left circle. Lefties seem to do this better.

Getting good players:
Use the following trick to Get good players easily with CPU Trading on. After
you go through the first season and the playoffs, you will be in the off-season.
Make sure that you only have two goaltenders on your roster, then enter the rookie
draft. If you scroll down, you will notice that there are usually good goaltenders
in the rookie draft, as they are usually passed over by other teams for some reason.
Draft the best goalie you can find, then in the regular season, trade him for a 
good player. With a decent goalie, you can get Dany Heatley or Ilya Kovalchuk.

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