NHL Hockey '98 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: NHL Hockey '98 
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 NHL Hockey '98 Cheats

NHL Hockey '98

Cheat Codes:
Enter these codes while playing. 

Code       Effect
nhlkids    Players are midgets
bigbig     Players are huge
Mantis     Players have long arms and legs
spots      Spotlights
stanley    Stanley Cup video
zambo      Zamboni cleans ice during play
flash      Audience takes pictures
injury     A player gets hurt
homegoal   Instant goal for home team
awaygoal   Instant goal for away team
penalty    Penalizes your team
Victory    Fireworks over the rink
Check      Player automatically opponent
Grab       Same as Check but with a stick
EAEAO      Gives you the EA Blades team
giptea     Powerplay awarded to team that allowed 
           last goal
superslap  Once entered, press SHOOT three times
           quickly for an easy goal

To get the players to strip, and start shagging each other press up, 
down left, right tab.

Alternate Jersey 
If you Left Click on either Anaheim, Los Angeles, Boston, Vancouver, 
or Pittsburgh you'll get their third jersey. 

Awesome Goalie 
During a season go to commisioner and click it. Then go to the rosters
sign and click it. Then go to create player. For the first name put in
Mike. Then go to the last name box and put Smith. If it worked right, 
a box will say, "There already is a Person as this name in the Database
would you like to create another person." Choose NO.

Internet Play:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Click the X in the bottom left to quit, but then type ultimatejudge (case 
doesn't matter, but no spaces). You should hear a strange noise. Then go 
to Connection and select Internet. You need to know your opponents IP 

Super Players:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Go to "Create Player," and enter the name of one of the main guys in the 
credits name. It will ask if you want the same ratings as him - go to Yes. 
The player you just created will be maxed out! 

Other Cheats:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

At the main screen type

eaeao   - for the EA Blades superteam. 
stanley - to watch the end of season video.

Hidden Teams:
If you hold the buttons A, B, C and Start at the same time on the main menu 
screen until you get a team selection menu the game will allow you to select
from two secret teams, the EA Sports team and the THQ Inc. team.

Two minute power play:
Begin game play and enable the "Automatic body checks" code. When your opponent
is about to make a goal, hit him when he is close to the goalie. Your opponent
should get a two minute penalty for interference. Repeat this trick again until
there are only three players on the other team.

Big vs. little players:
Enable the nhlkids code during a game. The players will not turn small immediately.
However, once a team changes lines the players that come out will be small, but 
the players that stayed on will be big. This is funny to watch, especially if you
get into a fight.

Best playoff teams:
Use any of the following teams to easily win the playoffs. If any team requires 
more players, create the super players and put them on your selected team.

Detroit Red Wings 
Washington Capitals 
Dallas Stars 
Chicago Black Hawks 
Colorado Avalanche 
Montreal Canadians 
Phoenix Coyotes 
Pittsburgh Penguins 

Easy Goal:
* Hold Shoot and wait until the opposing goalie goes down in the butterfly. Then,
  just shoot it in the empty net. You will need to be going fast to avoid getting
  hit by a defenseman.

* When you are in your own end, wind up as if you were going to take a slapshot.
  Quickly pass and one time the puck. The opposing goalie will leave his net, 
  thinking it is going around, and you will score in the empty net.

Best custom team players
If you create a custom team, use the following players or the super players. 
1. Steve Yzerman (Red Wings) 
2. Eric Lindros (Flyers) 
3. Peter Bondra (Capitals) 
4. John LeClair (Flyers) 
5. Brendam Shanahan (Red Wings) 
6. Adam Oates (Capitals) 
7. Patrick Roy (Avalanche) 
8. Martin Brodeur (Devils) 

When you fight, do not let the other team win. If that happens, you will have four
men on the ice and the other team will have five.

Super players:
Enter one of the following case-sensitive player names, and select "OK" when prompted
to use that name again. The newly created player will have maximum statistics.

John Rix 
Mike Smith 
Mike MacKinnon 
Funky Swadling 
Jay MacDonald 
Cory Yip 
Andy Harris 
Gary Johnson 
Ben St John 
Jeff Mair 
Juan Jacyna 
Jay Bulbrook 
Trenton Shumay 
Dejan Stanisavljevic 
Tedd Streibel 
Victoria Wong 
Tom Papadatos 
Troy Church 
Phillip Chow 
Ted Nugent 
Adriano Celentano 
Jeff Dyck 
Mark Gipson 
Lance Wall 
Sissel Tangen 
Mark Johnston 
Bryce Cochrane 
Gregg Haggman (great Left Winger)

Easy goal:
When you are in your own end, wind up as if you were going to take a slapshot. Quickly
pass and one time the puck. The opposing goalie will leave his net, thinking it is going
around, and you will score in the empty net.

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