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  Hints and Tips for: NHL '99 
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 NHL '99 Cheats

NHL '99

Cheat Codes:
Type these codes in DURING the game:

Code       Effect 
MANTIS   - Gives players elongated arms, legs, and neck.
NHLKIDS  - Makes players kidsize.
HOMEGOAL - Gives home team a goal.
AWAYGOAL - Gives away team a goal.
PENALTY  - Causes a penalty.
INJURY   - Causes an injury.
ZAMBO    - Puts the zamboni on the ice.
VICTORY  - Starts fireworks over the rink.
FLASH    - Camera flashes from the stands.
SPOTS    - Turns on the pre-game spotlights.
CHECK    - Every player automatically body checks an opposing 
           player to the ice upon contact.
GRAB     - Similar to CHECK but with a stick hold instead of 
           a check. 

Sumbitted by Andrew Baker -

Go to create a player and type in the name Bill Kim. When it says
that the name is already in the database hit the button that
says OK. This should give you a player that is 18 feet tall and
he has perfect attributes!!! The name Juan Jacyna gives you a 
great player who weighs four pounds! Many of the names from the
credits work as well so experiment with different names.

Three Minute Powerplay 
First you have to get in a fight and don't touch any buttons. Let
your opponent beat you up. After the fight you will only get 2 
minutes for roughing and your opponent will get 5 minutes for 

Create a new Player with the name Alfonso Puck, born on 20.03.1999. 
Now you must hear an Signal. If you started now a game, every shot
is a goal!!!

Crowd Sounds 
When you score a goal, press the special moves button, and you will
hear an air horn, fireworks, or a fan screaming. 

Top Players
Create a player, and enter one of the following names. Then, click
on the check when the "Player is already in the database" message 
appears. The newly created player will now have full attributes.

Dave Warfield, Funky Swadling
Cory Yip, Bryce Cochrane
John Rix, Jeff Dyck
Trent Shumay, Jeff Mair
Paul Martin, Andy Harris
Chris Deas, Lance Wall
Mark Lesser, Hong Chin
Trent Shumay, Bruce McMillan

After scoring a goal you can make some various sounds that 
are heard after goals. When the instant replay starts, hit 
4 to hear the guy yell.. Keep hitting it until you hear the 
sound you like and hold the button. This also works on 
Shoot-Out Drills, after the drill is over press 4 and the guy 
will yell.

other Cheats
Click the EXIT, go to the Credits, choose programing and type : 

warp9     - Will make the actual speed of the game a lot faster
eaonline  - Enables internet play
headbone  - Gives players big heads
buffed    - Makes players huge
1999      - Plays the Stanley Cup Video
quicker   - All players are fast and good
nobody    - Empties the crowd from the arena
gulliver  - Makes the goalies very tall
crankit   - Unlocks all resolutions for D3D

Extra celebrations:
After scoring a goal, winning a fight, or winning a game, press the Z 
(special move button) and your player will make different celebration 

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