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  Hints and Tips for: NieR: Automata 
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 NieR: Automata Cheats

NieR: Automata

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Alternate endings:
A: This one is the default ending of 2B campaign, when she with the help of 9S 
   finally kills Eve in the end. And so 9S dies with a dramatic twist.
B: Continue the story after 2B's campaign, when 9S is the central character. This 
   ending pretty much similar to the above one with some minor new stuff.
C: After completing 9S play-through, at the end you will fight with A2, a fugitive 
   android. At the time of confront, choose Defeat 9S. Then Defeat 9S and watch the 
   third ending.
D: Again this one is the part of 9S play through, the difference is you have to 
   select Defeat A2.
E: Now this one is a continuation of above two endings. After you had confronting 
   both A2 and 9S you need to watch the credits at the end. Next choose option Yes 
   for questions and then complete the mini-game.
F: This one is a kind of optional ending that can be unlocked in CH-01-03_2. While 
   fighting with the Goliath, you will get a hack mini game for the last time. Let 
   the timer run out in the same and wait back for this ending.
G: This one can be checked at the beginning when you are playing as 9S second time.
   For this you have to past the chest on the crane at the starting point instead 
   of using the flight unit. Look for the catwalk on the right side.
H: Again a optional ending part of CH 05-03. In this ending, when you are heading 
   towards the Goliath, avoid taking the flight units. Instead run from the battle.
I: Another optional ending in CH 08-01_2. At the time of when 2B, after defeating 
   Adam don't go to 9S in the Copied City. Instead leave him behind and go to exit.
J: Another optional ending in CH 09-02_3. When you reach the factory where you see 
   machines praying a priest, attack the priest.
K: For this ending you need to find a fish mackerel. After eating you can get this 
L: A optional ending in CH 10-02, for this ending run in the crate lzr in the area.
M: A optional ending in CH 14-03, in this chapter you will get a objective, just 
   ignore it and run to the bridge.
N: This one is also an optional ending in CH 07-02., for unlocking it you have to 
   kill all the machines in Machine Village, where you meet Pascal, a friendly 
O: For this optional ending in CH 11-04, you will land in the battle to help YoRHa.
   Instead of helping escape.
P: For this optional ending CH 11-06, let the corruption catch you to get the ending.
Q: For this optional ending CH 11-07, at the beginning don't head toward 2B, instead
   just escape the place to see what happens next.
R: For this optional ending in CH-05, you have to kill all the bots in Abandoned 
   Factory, include Pascal.
S: For this optional ending in CH 17-01, you have to fight with Devola and Popola. 
   But instead of killing them just run away.
T: This is easy to checkout at any point in the game. For this you have to go in 
   Menu > Skills. Look for Plug-in Chip > Destroy Chip > Equipped Chip > OS Chip. 
   For warning choose this option "An android's central system. Removal means death."
   The next thing you need to do is remove the chip and check the credits.
U: For this ending you have to go to the Bunker. Just self-destruct.
V: An optional ending in CH 17-01, don't hack the tower while helping Devola and 
   Popola. Just stand back for a while.
W: For this optional ending in CH 01-03_02, stand aside and let the robot kill 9S.
X: For this optional ending CH 11-06, at the end, when you play as A2, avoid YorHA 
   and escape from the battle.
Y: For this ending you need to fight the secret boss, and let it self destruct.
Z: A options ending in CH 14-01, for this ending rescue Pascal and then kill it.

Secret Level 4 blacksmith:
To find the only blacksmith (Masamune) that can upgrade weapons to Level 4, you first 
need access to the Forest Castle. This area can be revisited later. In the Forest Castle: 
Royal Chamber, go right to find the exterior broken bridge. Drop down through the hole 
in the bridge to land on the walkway below. Move left and interact with the wall to 
discover a hidden block. Pull it back to reveal a secret path to the blacksmith. This 
blacksmith can upgrade Level 3 weapons to Level 4 for 10,000 per upgrade. His store 
carries the following three weapons: Machine Sword, Machine Axe, and Machine Spear. 
These are all weapons wielded by machine lifeform enemies.

Secret Emil battle:
Emil is one of the surviving characters from the original NieR. He returns in NieR: 
Automata as a traveling item shop on wheels. He is located near the Desert Zone entrance
from the City Ruins: Center area. Shoot him once with your blaster to stop him and 
purchase items. Go to Emil's house near the City Ruins: Center crater. There is a large
sewer pipe sticking out of the crater wall, with water flowing out of it. Jump inside 
and use the elevator to find Emil's house. Emil's house will only open after you have 
completed the "Lunar Tears" side quest. The solution to that side quest can be found 
under the "Easy "Lunar Tear" trophy". Loot the treasure chest in the final room of the
black cave. Once you reach the house with all the Emil faces, take one of the masks on
the display. Return to Emil and talk to him. You can find him driving around the Desert
Zone entrance from the City Ruins: Center area. After exiting his shop, Emil will 
complain that someone is stealing from his house. Go back to his house a second time 
with 9S to find a treasure chest inside. Hack into it with 9S to take what is inside.
As you leave, Emil will ambush you in the dark chamber outside his house to start the
secret Boss battle. Emil is Level 99 -- so you must be high level to damage him. You 
also cannot access Emil's treasure without 9S -- so you will need to complete the 
game at least once to earn 9S and his hacking ability.

Secret achievement shop:
To unlock the secret achievement shop, successfully complete three playthroughs of 
the game to complete the full story. Then, find the Strange Resistance Woman in the 
Resistance Camp. Talk to her to see a large list of options. Select the "Request 
unlocking you-know-what" option at the bottom of the list to display the achievements
list. Each achievement is numbered, so you will have to check the description to view
which achievement you are buying. The prices are 50,000 for easy difficulty achievements,
100,000 for medium difficulty achievements, and 200,000 for hard difficulty achievements. 
They are very expensive, and buying them all can be extremely costly, but this is an 
alternate method to getting all achievements.

Easy achievements:
Unlock the secret achievement shop, then create a backup save file and place it in a 
different folder. Spend all your money on unlocking achievements. Reload your backed 
up save file to still have the achievements unlocked and all your money back. Buy more
achievements. Repeat this until you unlock all achievements.

Easy XP:
This XP farming method is only available in the second playthrough. First, go to Emil's
Shop (near the Desert Zone entrance from City Ruins: Center) and purchase the +3 XP 
Plug-In Chips. Equip these before farming to earn more XP and level up faster. Go to 
the Amusement Part (9S Story). Hack the large friendly robot (wearing a top hat) in 
the fountain square at the Amusement Park entrance. Select "Remote Control" after a 
successful hack. Clear out all the smaller enemies in the square. Hack the golden robot
statue in the center of the fountain to get a lot of XP for hacking and destroying it.
Return to a save point, then exit and reload. Return to the same area and farm the 
golden robot statue for a lot of XP. Repeat this as many times as desired. You can 
easily earn 3-4 levels per kill, even at high levels. Lower level players will not be
able to damage the statue at all -- make sure you are Level 55 or higher.

How to trigger Emil Boss Fight?:
Enter the house and there will be a lot of Emil faces, just pick one mask that is 
kept on the display ahead. Find Emil next and talk to him, you can locate him around 
the Desert Zone in a shop. Once you come out Emil will tell you about a robbery at 
his house. Go back to the house once again. This time 9S will be with you. Look for 
a treasure chest in it and hack the same to take what is inside. As you try to leave 
the house, Emil will appear and this will trigger the secret boss fight in the game.

Secret Blacksmith Masmune Location:
* Go to the Forest Castle: Royal Chamber first. From there you need to take a right 
  to find a broken bridge in the outer area.
* Once you locate the bridge, jump down through the wall and you will then land on a 
  walkway below.
* Later turn left and on the wall look for a hidden block. Just pull it and you will 
  get access to a secret path, that will take you to the Blacksmith.

Arcade mode:
Successfully complete the game and start a second playthrough on Route B after returning
to the Bunker. Then, go to the access point to unlock the Arcade, which allows you to 
replay hacking mini-games.

Debug mode:
Successfully complete all three stories (2B, 9S, and A2) to unlock Debug mode. A 
confirmation message will appear with the command to enter Debug mode after completing
the A2 story.

Simple AFK Leveling Guide:
Written by LarsMidnatt

If you are tired of grinding and can't get the bunny trick to work, you can always 
watch TV and let the AI level for you! This will help you get to 80+.

-=Super Simple Explaination=-
I am not sure the minimum level to do this AFK. I was 58 when I started. The mobs seem 
to be in the low 60's. I was never in any danger, so I assume if you have the right 
chips equipped you can do it way earlier than 58.

I went from 58 to 81 using this method. 

-=What you need=-
* Access to the Copied City.
* Exp gain chips (100% preferable ofc).
* Easy Mode Enabled.
* Auto chips equipped (Evade, attack, pod program and firing).
* Auto collect a plus and can be purchased from the Redheaded Twins in the 
  Resistance Camp.

-=You may also need=-
* Chips for Health regen, increased damage and max health.
* Unequip useless Chips like Map, log etc to save space if needed.
* Chapter Select.

-=What to do=-
* I used Chapter 16 as my starting point. But any chapter where you won't trigger 
  a fail condition by exploring should work.
* Head to the Copied City and navigate to the corner where you fought Adam previously.
* Just leave the character alone, the chips will do all the work. Killing, collecting, 
  healing and evading without any input.
* Enemies will continue to spawn endlessly, with slight breaks between waves.
* Leave the game alone, but check on it every so often to make sure all is well.
* Occassionally you may need to move the character back to the room because they run 
  out to the alley chasing enemies. I only had to do this once or twice over the 
  course of a movie.


* Turn the game to windowed mode.
* Settings>Game>Inactive Play On. 
  This will keep game running in background as you do other tings.
* Settings>Sound>Inactive Sound Off. Optional ofc.
* Lower the window resolution (just to save on power and GPU usage as you will 
  want to leave this alone for a couple of hours. 
  Maybe helpful when you only have one monitor too).
* Move game to secondary monitor if you have one.
* Watch TV or browse web while the AI does it's work.

Tip: XP gain chips can be gained in the Amusement park, but there are guides for 
that. Also there are Drop chips in the amusement park too.

Bonus: If you have auto collect on you will gain a ton of materials and chips you can 
use for upgrading, or you can just sell for money. I earned over 200k from drops 
without selling anything. I maxed out some materials and got a ton of useless Hijack
Boosts, Ranged attack, heal drop and drop rate chips as well.

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