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  Hints and Tips for: Niffelheim 
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 Niffelheim Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Kill the Invaders:
* You will always have multiple attackers, so always use the "f" key to attack. When 
  you do this, the one you have hit will break away from the group and move slightly 
  closer to you. The others will continue to attack your castle, so you will only be 
  injured by the one you struck.

* The skeletons are not very difficult, if you fight one at a time, and keep your 
  health up.

* Skeletons are very SLOW so you can retreat from them if you take too many hits. 
  However, they will follow you, or return the castle, you must defeat them sooner 
  or later! But you can retreat and heal or even retreat and kill some rabbits or 
  birds for food if you somehow get caught with none on you. Unless you have skeletons 
  attacking both sides at once, you can kill or gather food from the other side just 
  watch your castle’s health!

* As you get better equipment, some levels in Warrior, and build up your castle, you 
  will defeat the skeletons more easily.

Playthrough Strategy Tips:
1: You can find bosses in your mine, or in the other dungeons in the area. 

2: There are several different kinds of bosses. Some are very slow, and you can 
simply shoot them with arrows, then run away and shoot again. However, you will 
likely run out of arrows before you finish them, and will need to melee them to finish. 

3: Most of these bosses hit HARD. You need some gear upgrades before you take one on! 

4: Some of the bosses appear to spawn with partial health, and tend to be easier. 

5: You also need stacks and stacks of FOOD. Open your inventory before you fight the 
boss, so you can eat while you fight. The first time you fight a boss, have at least 
a full stack of 20 cooked chicken on you, and be ready to eat it as fast as you can... 

6: If you think you might die fighting the boss, lure them out of the room first. 
That way, you can recover and try again. In fact, one strategy is just to do as much 
damage as you can, and keep dying, although you may run out of money or equipment 
before you kill it... 

7: Be sure to pop a potion (or two or three) before you engage a boss. You can make 
some defenseive potions in your alchemy station. Not very effective, but it's a help. 
Potion effects may or may not stack (not confirmed). 

8: Alternatively, you can go into another dungeon in the area, and loot chests. The 
chest could have (better) potions in them. 

9: Bosses can respawn! So the boss room that you emptied yesterday may be occupied 
again today! 

10: On the plus side, bosses often have better gear in their chests, so killing one 
makes it easier to kill the next one!

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