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  Hints and Tips for: Nigepico 
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 Nigepico Cheats


Submitted by: RM

From the start location, zoom in on the trolley next to the chair
and get the green comb that is on one of the shelves.

Zoom out and move right, zoom in on the next chair and you will 
see a modem device hiding behind the bottle of hair product. Then 
tip the chair up to find a blue key underneath.

Zoom out and move right again, on the next chair is a mobile phone.

And finally, zoom out and move right again, and in the bin by the 
next chair is an IDAC business card (which I don’t think is for 
anything more than advertising)

OK, highlight the phone in your inventory and click the ‘about item’ 
button, then combine the modem with the phone. Clicking the screen of
the phone will enable a message to be downloaded. Click the phone 
again and a second message of ‘escape’ will be downloaded.

Zoom out from the last chair and move right again. Then zoom in 
behind the front desk. Take the air-conditioning remote control from 
the top shelf.

Also pick up the computer mouse which is behind the laptop.

Just to get ready, examine the mouse and click it to remove the 
batteries. Then examine the remote, flipping it over to open the 
battery compartment and fit the batteries into it.

Zoom in on the laptop and turn it on, then login using the ‘escape’ 
message from your inventory. 

On the desktop, open up the icon that looks like a file and note the 
number code you can see. 

Zoom out from the laptop and zoom into the cash register. You should 
be presented with a keypad (you may need to click the machine first) 
into which you should enter the code from the computer include all the 
decimal places.

When the message in the display on the till says ‘ok’ use the blue 
key to open the cash drawer. From here you can collect a silver key.

Zoom out from behind the desk and move left. Zoom in on the door in 
the background and use the silver key to enter the room behind the 

In the new room, move right to face the two chairs and then click 
around the left hand chair to locate a hairdryer.

Zoom out and then click in the sink by the other chair to collect a 
shard of mirror. Whilst zoomed in, look behind the chair to collect 
a wig on a mannequin’s head.

Leave this room and make your way back to the starting point. Move 
left and zoom in on the air condition unit on the wall. Use the 
remote control on it. You will know you’ve completed this as the 
remote will grey out in your inventory.

Zoom out and move left twice more. Zoom in on the plug socket you can 
see by the floor. Plug the hairdryer in here.

OK, here’s the code cracking piece. Highlight the Japanese script code
in your inventory and then select the comb. You should see the characters 
appearing between the teeth on the comb and you then get a new code in 
your inventory.

Zoom in on the plate window and note that there is another code that has 
appeared there now due to the combination of the air conditioner and the 

Move round opposite to the plate window, this is between the 2nd and 3rd 
chairs in the row of four. Hold up the shard of mirror and you will see 
the code reflected in this and it will now appear in your inventory.

Highlight the code from the comb and click ‘about item’ and then click 
the code from the mirror to combine the two and give you yet another 
code in the inventory.

Examine the wig and click the hair to find a razor blade.

Move right and zoom in on the back of the chair. Use the razor blade to 
slash the chair cover to find a final key.

Move round to the main door by the desk. Zoom in so you’re standing on 
the mat and the click the door whilst ‘holding’ the final key to escape.

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