Nightmare Creatures Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Nightmare Creatures 
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 Nightmare Creatures Cheats

Nightmare Creatures

Cheat Codes:
Type these codes at the main menu and then press Enter. You should 
hear a sound. The EVERYWHERE code must be entered first to enable 
the other codes.

Code             Result
EVERYWHERE     - Level Select, Enable other codes
BOULON         - Unlimited
CHICO          - Reduce
GU             - Cut Body
BRONKO         - Play Monster
DAVID          - Disable Combos
BLUR           - Play Blur
LOVDIK         - Team Greetings
BES            - Debug
MOBY           - CD Track select
ALAIN GUYET    - All Cheats

The following moves can be performed.

Triple Strike     - Press [Strike] [Strike] [Strike]
Triple Kick       - Press [Kick] [Kick] [Kick]
Temple Strike     - Press [Strike] [Strike] [Kick]
Scotish Backhand  - Press [Strike] [Kick] [Strike]
Last Judgement    - Press [Kick] [Strike] [Block]
Lunge Kick        - Press [Strike] [Jump] [Kick]
Hammer Curl       - Press [Kick] [Strike] [Strike]
Windmill Slam     - Press [Kick] [Kick] [Kick] [Strike]
Grescent Kick     - Press [Strike] [Kick] [Kick]
Hammerhead Crush  - Press [Strike] [Kick] [Jump]
Cyclone Leg Sweep - Press [Strike] [Strike] [Strike] [Kick] 
Judas Jack Knife  - Press [Kick] [Jump] [Block]
Spin Strike       - Press [Kick] [Strike] [Kick] [Strike]
Ahab's Revenge    - Press [Strike] [Kick] [Strike] [Kick]
High Kick Fein    - Press [Strike] [Jump] [Strike] [Kick] 

Snake Boss:
When you enter the room with the fire breathing snake you will see 
five columns around the snake pool. Slash those colums with your 
sword or staff and knock them onto the snake. For best results, use 
L1 or R1 to move to the next column, then hack away. If you're quick 
enough the snake won't get a chance to breathe fire. 
After all of the columns fall, the fire will stop and the snake will 
start biting at you. Dodge him when he strikes by pressing L1 or R1. 
When he starts to swing around the pool strike him in the head. 
Do this four or five times and he's dead!

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