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  Hints and Tips for: Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor 
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 Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor Cheats

Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to the Galaxies: Armor:
Written by Poi

In this guide, you will learn not only about appropriate armor formats for 
various mission types, but also core armor mechanics and information on the 
physics engine at large to help you make informed designing decisions.

-=Prologue, Notes=-
This guide will focus primarly on building methods over individual missions.

However, know that all missions will be discussed individually, and armor will 
be given for each mission type.

-=Before anything, it's important to remember these facts=-
Connections directly to the drone core will always, with 0 exceptions, be the 
most stable, followed by connections to decoupled decouplers and decoupled 
factory-printed parts connected immediately after the factory.
Any gaps in connections will cause additional instability, but filling in gaps 
will return stability.
While picture may appear from Demo, this doesn't hurt the guide as these methods 
will always be relevant until something silly like connecting one part to multiple 
other parts happens.

-=Armor Weaving=-
This is the act of creating interlocking sections, which causes multiple strands of 
connections to pull and tug on, and ultimately reinforce, those connections in a way 
that stops large drones from collapsing while allowing them to have massive holes in 
its internal area.

This allows you to create replicating fuel holds that can hold and eventually dump 
fuel tanks, create turret wells to have mutliple weapons aiming in a spread in a 
single direction, have ammo racks that hold TNT missiles (although this functionality 
can be replicated by a Factory, this allows multiple missiles along the same chain 
to be sequentially fired from a large clip) to be fired, have missile-guiding barrels, 
or even just reinforce massive or long wobbling structures so they are more rigid and 
less likely to snap in half when going too fast in a direction.

Notice here how, if the parts were rotated correctly, they would create an interlocking 
section that would assist in holding the 2 "arms" together, allowing massive amounts 
of armor and saving space (and graphics) from shields.

-=Identifying Temperature Issues=-
Temperature, unlike Armor Weaving, is a newer Nimbatus feature that forces you to make 
sure your drone doesn't go up in a blaze of magma-y glory or freeze and permanently 
disable your thrusters until you restart or regen your thrust with factories (although 
your factories will be disabled too, most likely.)

When dealing with temperature changes, here's something you should know: Temperature 
is really, really weird right now. First, you're hit with a temperature change of some 
sort. Maybe you flew into the core of a magma world, maybe you ran over a lava geiser, 
maybe even a meteor happened to hit you while you were flying around, or maybe your 
logic went all screwy and set off your coolers and heaters and now your drone is a 
remix of Spiderman and His Amazing Friends when they first meet each other. Whatever 
the issue, you now have a block that isn't 10 degrees celsius (the normal temperature 
of a drone). This is a huge issue. What will happen from this point is the temperature 
will directly clone itself onto adjacent, immediately touching blocks. At least, that's 
how it feels, but you can probably quote me on that for now and I'll own up to it. 

What I think is happening, there's a "temperature points" sort of system, where 
temperature points are added or subtracted from a base of 0 (10 degrees c), and from 
there it's copied across to the next block, and so on so forth across the entire drone. 
Afterwards, it takes that and compares it to the max points it can hold and creates a 
percentage, and if the percentage is beyond 100% it's set on fire and is dealt damage 
over time, or if below -100% it's frozen and becomes functionally inoperable until 
it's destroyed or replaced via factory.

Most parts have the same maximum/minimum temperature points, save armor when set to 
"heat resistant", which has more heat capacity, or "cold resistant", which can handle 
even more negative temperature points. This makes these parts have a lower percentage 
than their neighboring blocks of different types, which leads us on to the next section.

-=Fixing Temperature Issues=-
Heat- and Cold-resistant armor plates will remove temperature and negative temperature 
points respectively from themselves at a massively increased rate compared to normal 
armor and functional parts, making them effective at quickly resetting the temperature 
of touching parts across a drone, but not only do they have their own limits, but they 
sometimes aren't quick enough.

Coolers can rapidly freeze things locally, and heaters do the opposite, so they can be 
used to create a quick burst of temperature to offset extreme amounts of heat or cold 
that could be spreading across and disabling your drone.

These two methods are both effective at preventing your drone from being destroyed by 
non-bullets, but temperature resistant armor has less actual health, so remember to put 
on layers when you explore with this armor.

-=Mission suggestions: Sumo Tourniment=-
Armor in the Sumo Tourniment is a different beast than in normal galaxy missions. 
You aren't armoring against bullets or heat, you're armoring against collsions.

When you do sumo, your goal is to push or deflect your opponent out of the ring. How 
you do that is up to you, but know that collisions are what you're against. Normal 
damage rules are tossed out the window since some drones are specially made to detonate 
on contact with you, which can destroy your drone much more effectively than even 
conventional weaponry, and some drones don't even explode when they slam into you 

What's most important when building a Sumo drone is maximizing stability. Not letting 
ANY gaps occur and making sure all parts are as connected to the center of the core or 
the decoupler as they can be are your priorities above all else. Your health pool is 
meaningless, and instead you should have minor armor at most to perform minor external 
armor weaving so you don't implode from random stretching over violent accelerations. 
Of course, simply the act of accelerating can create gaps, so it's your duty to make 
sure you can balance sheer force with stability and redundancy so if you do take damage 
you don't go down entirely or doom yourself against given match ups.

-=Mission Suggestions: Destroy Hives=-
The most straight-forward mission, your goal is to survive bugs while destroying their 
hives across the planet.

This mission will involve you moving around a normal planet, destroying hives that may 
appear underground or (accidentally) protected by Corps turrets, cannons, and drones. 
You will need some amount of armor, but shielding will prove usefull to have something 
so stop permanent damage from scratching your armor or internals. You'll need to keep 
your armor light so you can be fast, in case searching for the hives takes a long while, 
and you'll need to stay maneuverable in case you end up in a cave while searching.

-=Mission Suggestions: Destroy the Transmitter=-
Another straight forward mission, your goal is to destroy the transmitter on the world.

This mission will thrust you into a siege on a transmitter, which will be guarded by 
Corps cannons and turrets. Cannons will prove incredibly dangerous, as their shots... 
aren't really balanced... You'll either need heavy armor or minimal armor to tank or 
avoid cannon shots while both dealing with the Corps drones defending the transmitter 
and the transmitter itself.

-=Mission Suggestions: Destroy Snake Eggs=-
In this mission, you will be destroying snake eggs while avoiding a large, occasionally 
hostile snake that will chase you when you destroy multiple eggs.

You'll want to have light, shedable armor to handle damage from Corps defenses or bugs 
that might be in the world while you search for the eggs. You'll want this armor to be 
able to be removed so when you destroy the egg you can maximize speed and maneuverability 
to avoid the snake that will chase you afterwards, but you'll want this armor to be 
rebuilt with a factory so you can stay protected from passive hits while you search.

-=Mission Suggestions: Aquire Bio Barrels=-
In this mission, you'll be grabbing Bio-barrels and transporting them to the resource 
drop-off box

How you go about grabbing them is up to you, be it by a motorized claw or a magnet, 
but you will go against Corps turrets that you will need to protect the Bio Barrels 
and yourself from, along with potential bugs that may be in the world. You'll want a 
lighter armor if you carry bio barrels externally, for maximum speed, or spaced medium 
rebuildable armor for internal mass-transport to stop Corps cannons and big bugs from 
hitting the barrels.

-=Mission Suggestions: Destroy Hammer Head Shoals=-
In this mission, you'll be destroying 3 Hammer Heads.

You'll need medium temperature-resistant armor layers to both resist the impact of the 
hammer heads and the temperature changes you'll encounter from being near them. Make 
sure your armor is stable and dense so you can withstand impacts from them, and have 
heat sinks in case you run across the magma world bugs, which deploy seeking heat orbs, 
or across lava Geisers. You can be attacked by Corps turrets, so watch out for them too.

-=Mission Suggestions: Destroy Hammer Head at the Core of the Planet=-
In this mission, you will search and destroy a single Hammer Head deep in a lava planet's 

You will need to remain maneuverable and fast enough to both avoid the hammer head deep 
in the planet, navigate the cave systems to find the hammer head, avoid geisers and lava 
planet bugs, and avoid the magma core's expanding motion. You will still need temperature-
resistant armor so you don't burn during the hammer head fight or while searching for the 
hammer head.

-=Mission Suggestions: Freeze the Lava Geisers=-
In this mission, you are freezing Lava Geisers.

You will need temperature resistant armor of some amount to resist temperature changes 
from the environment or from the geisers themselves, but you are at your leisure in 
choosing armor as long as you can move and accomplish the mission.

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