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  Hints and Tips for: Nobody Saves the World 
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 Nobody Saves the World Cheats

Nobody Saves the World

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Experiment with characters and abilities:
You’ll probably have a favourite character (we love the Necromancer!) 
but it’s worth experimenting with as many of them as you can to find 
the ones that work best. Different forms will be necessary in different 
situations, but by and large, when you’re simply exploring the world, 
you can take whatever form you like. Mix up your abilities, find a good 
combination, and ensure you can cover as many enemy Wards as possible.

Keep an eye on your quests list:
Nobody Saves the World throws a ridiculous amount of quests at you. 
Seriously, you’ll never be short of something to do. Some of these 
quests are tied to your character form, but some can be completed with 
any. Pay attention to them, and try to complete as many as you can with 
as many characters as you can. Not only are they easy ways to earn stars 
– which you’ll need to progress through the game – but levelling up 
characters means unlocking new abilities.

How to Transfer Game Pass Save to Steam:
If you’ve played Nobody Saves the World on Game Pass (PC) and are looking 
to play the game on Steam, but don’t want to start again, you can transfer
your save file. Unfortunately Microsoft likes to make it pretty tricky when
it comes to finding your save files and sometimes it can be even trickier 
getting them to work with Steam. Thankfully however, you can transfer your 
Game Pass save to steam!

-=Important notes=-
* You may have to disable hidden extensions for file types for Windows 
  to recognise the renamed save file.
* You may have to enable hidden files/folders to get to your appdata folder.
* To disable hidden extensions for file types: Locate your documents 
  -> press the "..." and select options -> click the view tab & untick 
  "Hide extensions for known file types"

To enable hidden files/folders: Locate your documents -> press the "..." 
and select options -> click the view tab & tick "Show hidden files, folders, 
and drives"

-=Transferring Your Save Game=-
* Head to
* C:\Users\Your_User*\AppData\Local\Packages
* Next, head to
* DrinkboxStudios.NobodySavestheWorld_n8jvyy2pw6mya\ SystemAppData\wgs
* Inside the wgs folder is one with some long numbers – 
  it should look something like 0000901F… go inside
* Once inside, head again, into the folder with the long numbers
* Inside is a file with a long string of letters and numbers – 
  move this file to your desktop
* Rename the moved file to SAVE.DAT
* Place the newly renamed file to
* C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\88297238\1432050\remote
* Enjoy your Game Pass save!

How to Make Money:
Written by Luke

Strapped for cash? Wanna purchase some cursed items from the Merchant?
Look no further!

-=Getting Started=-
With this particular build and dungeon you are able to farm between $4,500 – 
$5,100 in less than four minutes. Overall, the play-style is simple; your 
primary ability will be Gallop to rush around and damage enemies, followed by 
using Zombite for multiple enemies and finally Holy Light whenever it’s 
available. Money Magnet is used to increase the value of money & once fully 
upgraded, increases the value by 40%. Money is also scooped right up! Strongman 
works alongside Gallop and Magic Life is just used to keep Gallop up & running. 
You should be fine for health however, watch out on the boss as he will tunnel 
down and you wont do any damage. When that happens, stop using Gallop and just 
continue to Zombite enemies until he comes back up.

* Form

* Passives
-Money Magnet
-Magic Life

* Abilities
-Holy Light

* Money Gained

* Location

* Dungeon
-Dark Nest

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