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  Hints and Tips for: Nocturne 
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 Nocturne Cheats


Cheat Codes - Full Version (Patched): 
Submitted by: Kian Andersen

Within a game, press F10, then type any of the cheat.
Most codes were wiped by bug patch, but some survived.  
These work with the full version patch:

Code                  Result
t2000               - Appear like Terminator 2000
bighead             - Big head mode
layitonme           - Extra Ammo
torchtip            - Flaming tip arrows
ebola               - Kill surrounding creatures
keysuper            - Skeleton key
reallycold          - Toggle enemy AI
dismember           - Toggle gratuitous dismemberment
iamacheatingbastard - God Mode
gimmecrap           - All Weapons, ammo and God Mode
amonra              - Gives Radiance Emitter
driveby             - Gives Tommygun
tntrules            - Gives Dynamite
woodenstakegun      - Gives Wooden Stake Crossbow
dumbogun            - Gives Elephant Gun
baronsaturday       - Summons Baron

Full Version: 
Within a game, press F10, then type any of the following codes:

Code           Result
godgames     - God mode 
winblows     - all weapons and ammo 
skeletonkey  - gives skeleton key 
moreammo     - gives more ammo 
healme       - restores health 
goremode     - toggles Gratuitous Dismemberment mode on/off
burningstake - gives flaming tip arrows 
thunderstorm - rains outside 
snowstorm    - snows outside 
bighead      - big head mode 
silver       - gives 500 silver bullets 
aqua         - gives 500 aqua vampire bullets 
mercury      - gives 500 mercury bullets 
oldhat       - stranger wears alternate hat 
goldmode     - cheap sales pitch
freezer      - toggles enemy freezing 
ifarted      - gas mask for Stranger

More Cheats:
Call cheat window with F10 key - then enter code.  
Most codes were wiped by bug patch, but some survived.  
These work with the full version patch:

aqua         = 500 holy water bullets
silver       = 500 silver bullets
mercury      = 500 mercury bullets
shotgunshell = shotgun & 500 shells
               (shells only if have weapon)
bandaid      = restore full health
pinkbunny    = recharge battery
youfarted    = gas mask

Still looking for the others-
Submitted by William White -

Demo Version:
Type in the following codes during gameplay:

Code          Result
battery     - Recharges Flashlight 
baron       - Summon the Baron 
beavis      - Gives Flamethrower 
bighead     - Bighead Mode 
crossbow    - Gives Crossbow 
dismember   - Dismemberment On/Off 
dynamite    - Gives Dynamite 
flametip    - Enables Flaming Arrows 
freeze      - Freezes/Unfreezes Enemies 
giveallammo - 100 Ammo for Weapon Selected 
gathering   - God Mode 
light       - Gives Flashlight 
masterkey   - Gives Skeleton Key 
movie       - Record a Movie 
shotgun     - Gives Shotgun 
snow        - Snow On/Off 
tommygun    - Gives Tommygun 
rain        - Rain On/Off

Level select:
Hold [Left Ctrl] + [Right Ctrl] at the main menu, then click on "Start". 
A sub-menu that allows any level to be selected will appear.

Level select II:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of 
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "nocturne.ini" file 
in the "nocturne\system" directory. Add the following lines under the "[Game]" 


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