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  Hints and Tips for: Nowhere Prophet 
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 Nowhere Prophet Cheats

Nowhere Prophet

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Ryan Dorkoski

This is a collection of tips and tricks for Nowhere Prophet that are hopefully 
useful to new players. Some of these I've found myself, and some I've gathered 
from community notes.

-=General Gameplay=-
* These are general notes for new players trying to find success.
* You definitely want to try to explore as many nodes as possible in order to get 
  stronger, at least in the first few maps.
* There are actually more nodes than you can see. Moving around the edges of the 
  map will open more nodes.
* When trading, goods in 'blue' are discounted.
* Don't share more than one Luxury item at a time because you will be wasting 
  buffs. The buffs gained do not stack.
* Make mental or physical notes of the random events and the outcomes you find. 
  They repeat frequently and can easily help you succeed.
* Always take more followers when you can.
* Never sell followers into slavery.
* Now there are different thoughts on this, but I've found all of my success 
  with a fully-filled deck of 30 units.

* The most important tip is to play slowly and methodically. More often than not, 
  there are clever plans that can be missed if you go too fast. Happens all the 
  time to me.
* Board control is probably the most straight-forward strategy. This simply 
  refers to outnumbering/outgunning the enemy Convoy units. You can generally
  achieve this by focusing less on damaging the enemy Prophet, and more on 
  playing your units and killing things the enemy plays.
* Before combat starts, you can discard cards from your initial hand. This is 
  critically important. You just need to have a plan. My plan is to have at 
  least one 2-value and one 1-value Convoy card, and some useful Prophet cards.
  What doesn't make sense is to, say, have cards you cannot afford or have no 
  need for in round one particularly if you are going first.
* Don't put all your units in the same column, if possible. Too many times I've 
  done this and then lost them all to a column killing enemy move.
* Do not forget that you can always wait the enemy out. You don't have to 
  actually use your units to kill the enemy Prophet. If you wait him out and 
  they draw their deck empty - they will lose 2 damage per round until they lose.

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