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  Hints and Tips for: NSFW - Not a Simulator For Working 
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 NSFW - Not a Simulator For Working Cheats

NSFW - Not a Simulator For Working

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Find The Ghost:
Written by The Lavafall

This is how to find the ghost, a strategy for getting him, and what 
you unlock by clicking on the ghost.

-=Why the Ghost is Important=-
The ghost needs to be clicked on for 2 achievements; USB Drive Collector 
and Boooo!

This is because Boooo!! requires the ghost to be interacted with to unlock 
and the game also has interaction with the ghost as its contact requirement, 
which gives "The Well", one of the videos needed to get the USB Drive 
Collector achievement.

-=How to Find The Ghost=-
The ghost appears at the minute of midnight in real life.

It is a good idea to start your shift at 11:59 PM (preferably around 40 to 
45 seconds in so that your fun bar is less depleted when you contact the 
ghost but the shift's into does not play through midnight). You should use 
an accurate clock that counts hours, minutes, and seconds on your phone or 
on another monitor to time your shift.

The ghost appears when you are doing your job, get off of the porn when the 
clock hits midnight.

The ghost usually appears early in the minute but can appear later within 
the 12:00 AM timeframe.

The ghost will hover through the office. It looks like the stereotypical bed 
sheet with holes. As soon as you see it, you need to click on it in order to 
get the rewards.

If you accidentally right click, do not worry. The ghost cannot catch you 
watching porn. Make sure to left click it as soon as possible so that it 
doesn't pass you. After clicking the ghost you can go back to watching porn.

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