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  Hints and Tips for: O2Jam NX 
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 O2Jam NX Cheats

O2Jam NX

Easy wins and experience:
Submitted by: Rm

Make a versus mode game. Set the song to Sugod or Kan Kan. 
Make sure you have opponents. Set the speed to x8 and the difficulty to hard. 
Then, press all the game buttons (S D F [Space] J K L) until the song ends. 
Your opponents cannot win because it is difficult. They will quit. Continue 
playing the game until you win. Keep on doing this repeatedly until you level 

Note: Make sure your opponents quit easily.

Easy gems:
Play Easy songs. Some songs in Easy mode give almost the same number of gems 
as Hard mode songs. By doing this you can rack up gems easily.

O2jam cheat:
before playing o2jam

Cheat Codes:
Update by: paul eric
Update by: punkdots100

Code           Result
jam bot      - sunod-sunod na combo
10000 gems   - type renercute
pera         - have money
ep           - have load
super 100    - level 100 agad
high exp     - raise the experiance of the character
max e-points - infinite the e-points of the character
level stats  - level 100

O2jam Gem Bug:
Update by: CHRIS

This glitch is 100% accurate and it works always just follow the steps.

Step 1: buy 1 evolution T-shirt (it only cost 1 gold/gem)
Step 2: hold alt+shift
Step 3: while holding alt+shift sell the evolution T-shirt
Step 4: now you have more than 4m

You can do it every time so you can make your money $99999999999 

The 4 million G Cheat:
If you are a begginer w/ no clothes buy a black t-shirt woth 1G then when u 
have new clothes sell the black t-shirt and it will say it was only selled at
0G but press OK THen u will see ur G it is 4 million.

Unlockables - Cheats:
Just type it in the item shop if it fail your char will be banned

Unlockable       How to unlock
billion money  - pick an item you want to buy and sell it
unlimited ep   - buy 20 ep and buy 1 item and send it to dmc3se and say epx2x2x2
unli cash      - buy 5cash t-shirt sell it 4m
lvl 100 fast   - type (fastlvl) and play 1 song then you will become 100

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