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  Hints and Tips for: Observer 
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 Observer Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Apartment of Adam Lazarski:
The code to access Adam's apartment is 1984, when you try to hack you 
will only get the last digit, for the full code you have to find a novel
which is in the back side of closet, look for Novel 1984.

Locked door in ground floor of Adam's Apartment:
There is a locked door in the ground floor, you can find this between 
the wall of room no.11 and room no.12, you can open the door by typing

Apartment 114:
Just below apartment 113 where you will talk to a strange girl, head 
to Apartment 114 down the hall, you have to look for an ad there, and
the guy with multiple arms, the pass code to access that room is  1074.

Parlor Chair:
Behind a parlor or tattoo chair, you will find the pass code machine.
To get the pass code you have to hack into Helena Novak's mind, and 
you will get code 3615.

Apartment 28:
After unlocking the secret room in a tattoo parlor, the above part you 
have to go the basement. On your right, you will see a room with spray 
painting “Chrion Eats My Dreams”, on the wall just next to the door. 
Use code 7441 to unlock it.

Exit Door:
You can find this door in the basement with the Exit sign above it. 
When you hack the keypad you will get the first three letters of the 
pass code, you can try 4004.

Apartment 202:
When you hack the keypad you will get two numbers 3 & 6, you can try 
pass code 3690, to unlock this room.

Room In Side Ally across Tattoo Shop:
Across the tattoo shop, you will reach a side ally where you will find 
a room, there is also a picture on the left side on the wall. If you 
hack the keypad you will get only two numbers 2 and 0. You have to find
a Night club in the area, you will see two signs 6 & 9, hanging, so the
full code is 2069.

How to Find the Recordings for "The Root of All Evil" Achievement?:
#1. On the top floor of the apartment building.
#2. In the toilets in the first floor 
    (the one where you get stuck and Rudy gets you out). 
    In a toilet you need to flush.
#3. When in the underground maze in the... 
    interesting studio/office (Janus *cough*)
#4. Towards the end of the game in Chiron building on a table.

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