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  Hints and Tips for: Ocean's Heart 
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 Ocean's Heart Cheats

Ocean's Heart

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete Achievements Guide:
Written by Katharin

A simple list of all achievements available in Ocean's Heart. 

Complete the game without visiting Spruce Head Shrine.
When you get the two main quests, one to explore Spruce Head and one to go to 
Ballast Harbor, just don’t go to Spruce Head. After Ballast Harbor, make your 
way to Yarrowmouth & Kingsdown Isle. If you do this, you won’t get the hints 
that lead you to Kingsdown Isle from the NPCs, so just go east out of Yarrowmouth
then south. Follow this trail and stand on the raft to ride it across the channel
to Kingsdown Isle. Follow the bridges south through the rainy area, then interact
with the leftmost pillar by the wall to unlock the Bear Catacombs.

-=The Ancient Groves=-
* Defeat arborgeists of the Ancient Groves.
* NE corner of path between Forest of Tides and Ballast Harbor (go north at sign 
  that says East: Ballast Harbor Market; West: Forest of Tides).
* NW corner of Puzzlewood. Go through cave NW of mushroom spot from distillery quest.
* Along Marblecliff Mountain path—just north of hidden cave that goes to mayor’s 
  secret archives.
* Once those three have been defeated, go to the shrine that is north along the path 
  between Goatshead & Crabhook Village (just east of Crabhook).

-=Zephyrine’s Call=-
* Light the 4 ancient lighthouses.
* East of Goatshead (need bombs or bow to light this one).
* Go to NE part of Forest of Tides to get to Zephyr Bay (must have Oak Charm 
  (so after Ballast Harbor)).
* At end of Sunken Palace 
  (need bow to get to Sunken Palace, which is north of Lotus Shoal).
* NW corner of Snapmast Reef (can’t get to until after Fort Crow).
* Once all four are lit, return to the lighthouse at Zephyr Bay.

-=Seabird’s Tear=-
* Fully power the Seabird’s Tear.
* Go east of Goatshead Harbor, then north. There is a well along this path. 
  Take a drink from it. This will start the Heron’s Well side quest.
* Go west of Goatshead Harbor, then north, then continue N/NE to get to Thrush Fort.

* NE corner of Tern Marsh.
* Just east of monastery at top of Marblecliff Mountain.
* NE corner of Snapmast Reef: go east upon entering Smoldering Rock.

-=The Abyss=-
* Enter the Abyss.
* Find secret entrance to the Abyss from northern side of Lake Umber. It is 
  hidden in the NE corner of the room with the deer monster.

-=Heart of the Earth=-
* Battle the Immortal Curse at the center of the world.
* You’ll need The Brass Key that you can find at the Isle of Storms. Enter the 
  Abyss as stated above. Go north here and unlock the door. Complete the ritual. 
  Go back south and down into the Abyss and to the runes on the ground down there.

-=Forgotten Magic=-
* Learn all 4 ancient spells.
* Do the above achievements to get three out of four of them (after battling the 
  Immortal Curse, you’ll get the ancient spell, “Abyssal Flame”).
* Acquire the fourth spell by completing The Oak Blight side quest. This quest can 
  be started after finding the Sword of the Sea King by talking to Hazel at the Inn 
  in Oakhaven.

-=Temple of Trials=-
* Ring the Cursed Temple’s bell.
* Head east out of Goatshead, then south, then go north and find the cave here to 
  get to the bell.

-=Brickenbranch Island=-
* Sail to Brickenbranch Island.
* Go to tavern in Crabhook and read the notices for the volunteer navymen… people… 
  or go straight to the house in SE corner of Crabhook and talk to the guy there to 
  start the Brickenbranch Island side quest.

-=The Last Chieftan=-
* Enter the Last Chieftan of Yarrowmouth’s tomb.
* Find the Silent Glade in the NE area of the Puzzlewood and solve the statue puzzle 

-=Exiled Monk=-
* Visit the Thorn Monk.
* When crossing through the Strait of Thorns between the Puzzlewood and Veilwood, 
  there’s an intersection where you can head east, west, or south. At this  
  intersection, destroy some bushes and take the secret path north to find the monk 
  (If you are on your way to Oakhaven and going through Stonefell Crossroads, go 
  north instead of west to get to the Strait of Thorns.).

-=Pit of Scoundrels=-
* Find Oakhaven’s secret arena.
* At Oakhaven Port, break the four pots left of a street vendor and go behind them.

-=The Crow Lord=-
* Summon and defeat the Crow Lord.
* Get crow feather when exploring Sunken Palace (north of Lotus Shoal: need bow to 
  get to). On the way to Fort Crow, right after leaving Lotus Shoal, go north instead
  of west. Use the crow feather at a statue thataway.

-=That Was a Dumb Item=-
* Upgrade then downgrade the flail.
* Once you have the flail, return to Ballast Harbor. Go to the northern part of town, 
  up some ladders, and into the shop there.

-=Ocean’s Heart=-
* Defeat Blackbeard.
* One Hand Tied Behind My Blackbeard: Defeat Blackbeard while cursed.
* Ring the bell at the Cursed Temple east of Goatshead.

* Collect every item.

* Collect every foraging material.

* Collect every monster part.

-=Excessively Helpful=-
* Complete every side quest.

-=Fleet Feet=-
* Travel from Oakhaven to Goatshead Harbor in under 1:07 without sailing.

-=Fragile Flower=-
* Travel from Marblecliff Monastery to the Cursed Temple (area east of Goatshead 
  where the “hard mode” bell is) without taking any damage or sailing.

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