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  Hints and Tips for: Odium 
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 Odium Cheats


Win all fights:
Start the game with the Odium.exe -760722 command line parameter, then press "Q" 
during a fight. 

Unlimited lives,unlimited ammo,all items:
During the game press SHIFT + F10 then type "give me all"

Battle Tips:
* Save often, after each fight. 
* Barrels can be your best friends, introduce them to your enemies.
* When you get ammo, disperse it evenly amongst Sullivan, Ovitz, and Trantigine. 
  If there is any left over, give it to other teammates you may have. Do the same
  for medical supplies.

* Melee weapons are not to be neglected! If you pump your axe skill up to level 9 
  or 10, it becomes as powerful al the rifle! Don't waste ammo finishing off a 
  baddie that had 7 HP left, smack it with a bat or something.

* Make sure each person has a good variety of weapons, don't get stuck with a 
  weapon that's in the process of recharging and your only other option is a crowbar.
  Keep a spare rifle or shotgun handy.

* Keep your characters healthy, use your meds right, and you'll have over 90% of 
  health with stuff to spare the whole game. 

* Once you find out that an enemy is immune to a certain type of attack, remember
  that! Don't try to shoot a Jet-Elmer with an ion cannon when you could be healing
  yourself on account of you having 29 HP left.

* Ammunition is a scarce resource in Odium. Never use an ammunition-consuming 
  weapon, such as an Uzi, when a non-ammunition-consuming weapon, such as an 
  axe or a flamethrower, will do the job. 

* Joan McFadden is a doctor. Accordingly, she receives a 15 percent bonus when
  healing other party members. Always use her to buff up your party between 

* Concentrate on the most dangerous enemy first. It's normally not wise to 
  spread the party's attacks over several different enemies. Use every person
  and weapon at your disposal to eliminate the most dangerous enemy first, 
  then move on the second most dangerous, and so on. 

* Save often. You never know when you'll take a wrong turn into an unwinnable 
  battle. It's nice to be able to fall back on a recently saved game and then 
  take a different route.

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