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  Hints and Tips for: Officers 
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 Officers Cheats


Cheat Codes: 
Submitted by: David K.

Lots of Reinforcements:
1.Go to officers' dir, then to "assets"->"world"->"map you want to edit"->
2.Here you'll find the file "_reinforcementDefination.lua", backup & open 
  it with notepad;
3.There are some definitions like this:
  rnf_Vehicle[0]['type'] = 'm26' rnf_Vehicle[0]['count'] = 0 
  just change the "0" to any value and you'll have that value available of 
  the corresponding unit (in this case m26) once you start the game. 
4.Save and play the mission from the beginning. 

Instant Reinforcements:
1.Go to officers' dir, then to "assets"->"world"->"map you want to edit"->
2.Here you'll find the file "_reinforcement.lua", backup & open it; 
3.Search for this text block: 

  ------------- litachki ----------------- aircraft = {} lastaircraft = {} 
  ---------------SLOJNOSTI if difficulty == hard then
  TankReinfTime = 300
  InfReinfTime = 240
  ArtilleryDifTime = 180
  AirCraftDifTime = 300
  if difficulty == normal then
  TankReinfTime = 240
  InfReinfTime = 180
  ArtilleryDifTime = 120
  AirCraftDifTime = 240
  if difficulty == easy then
  TankReinfTime = 180
  InfReinfTime = 120
  ArtilleryDifTime = 60
  AirCraftDifTime = 180
4.Edit the values (they represents the "time" in sec. that the recharge takes);
5.Save and play the mission from the beginning. 

Note: Some Values can vary from the example.

Officers provides World War II real-time strategy gamers with warfare on
a previously unseen scale. Formidable battles are possible, with more 
than 1,500 units fighting simultaneously across up to 10 square miles 
of battlefield.

You command the US combat units; your aim is to smash the Germans’ western
front. In multiplayer mode, you can also command Russian or German troops.
Historical battles such as Operations Overlord, Millennium and Cobra will 
put your tactical abilities to the test, as you have skillfully to combine
infantry, tank, artillery and air troops.

Speed and power will only lead to victory if you extend your troops’ supply
lines and capture enemy emplacements and depots. Strategically beneficial 
high-ground and the varied landscape can be used to your advantage. Thanks
to an advanced map editor, you can recreate other historical battles or 
design your own.

* Historically correct battles, beginning with the Normandy landings 
* Infantry can barricade and entrench in houses, trenches etc. 
* Up to 1,500 units simultaneously in one sector 
* Multiplayer mode for up to 8 players involving Allied, German and Russian 
* More than 70 different unit types (Infantry, light vehicles, tanks, 
  artillery, air troops, navy) 
* Map Editor to design scenarios and missions in either single or multiplayer mode 
* Elaborate winter and summer scenarios 
* Surroundings completely destructible 
* Sophisticated resource management 
* Taking of enemy emplacements with house-to-house combat in an urban environment 
* Realistic change between day and night 
* Combined artillery, infantry and air-force operations

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