Of Light & Darkness Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Of Light & Darkness 
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 Of Light & Darkness Cheats

Of Light & Darkness

Keep a piece of paper next to you and keep quick 
notes as you play. With each flash of starlight, 
run immediately to the apocalyptic devices and
collect the new artifacts-then write down the 
color of star that flashed and which artifacts 
appeared, so you'll know later on what orb combination 
will redeem them all.

There are some rooms which can only be accessed by 
teleporter pyramid. The lust room on level one is one of 
them. Figuring out which pyramid takes you there, and 
keeping track of it, is the key to completing that level.
Don't forget that you can flash an apparition with white 
light to make it go away. If a soul has beat you to the A.D. 
and finds its totem before you, a white flash is the only 
way to clear the machine you'll lose both the apparition 
and the artifact that way, but you'll get a second chance 
at the artifact.
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