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  Hints and Tips for: OlliOlli 
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 OlliOlli Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Explorer" achievement:
The golden skateboards are found by jumping over the ending crowd 
in the following levels:

* Urban 5 (Amateur) 
* Junkyard 5 (Amateur) 
* Port Pro 5 
* Base Pro 4 
* Neon City 4 (Amateur)

General Tips:
* Always be going fast. Press X frequently to keep your momentum, unless
  you're trying to complete a goal in which you can only press push once
  or twice. 
* Practice makes perfect. The timing in OlliOlli is really tricky (no 
  pun intended), so don't worry if you fail to pull off perfect tricks 
  immediately. Just try to avoid sloppy finishes until you get the hang
  of the mechanics. 
* When you're looking for objects, you may need to avoid grinding or 
  going fast. If you can't find that one spraycan or uranium rod, just
  slow things down and look on steps and other places you might not be
  exploring because you're too busy pulling off awesome tricks. 
* Don't jump off grind rails too early. The game reinforces this in 
  later levels when timing becomes even more important, but it's a good
  habit early on as well. 
* When trying to complete goals, take them one at a time. You can repeat
  the levels all day, so there's no rush to finish all goals in a single
  attempt or anything like that. 
* Practice a bit before you take on the daily challenge. OlliOlli is a 
  game in which you need to re-familiarize yourself with the mechanics 
  constantly, so jumping into the game to do a quick daily challenge 
  will likely result in failure.
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