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  Hints and Tips for: Omega Labyrinth Life 
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 Omega Labyrinth Life Cheats

Omega Labyrinth Life

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Nectar Farming Guide:
Written by Arcatera

Short and simple nectar farming guide.

Omega Labyrinth Life have four main options for earning nectar:

* Winning TFT minigame in the academy.
* Side quests (not fetch-quests).
* Bug-catching minigame.
* Earnings for the garden tending.
* The most stable is the fourth option.

-=Nectar Farming=-
This method works well after completing the game, but may be relevant 
at earlier stages.

-=We need=-
* Garden with seven areas for planting flowers, 400 each. Additional sites 
  gained through main quest. Total - 2800 colors.
* 2800 seeds. It is possible from different dkjwtrs, but in an amount 
  multiple of 50.
* Flower dial. Needed to speedup time. Gained through main quest.
* 3600 nectar. Not necessary.

We plant 2800 flowers, water them with any watertype and start to skip the 
time with Flower Dial for 12 hours.

As a result, we get 4400 nectar for the number of flowers + 2200 nectar bonus
(decreases with time after weeds appear in the garden) -3600 nectar per 12 
hours pass. 4400-3600+(0..2200)=800..3000 nectar per cycle.

I can do 50-60 repetitions in 20 minutes, which gives in the worst case 
800 * 50 = 40,000 nectar.

I canít say for sure how much nectar is needed to pump one skill to level 30, 
because I took care of the calculations too late, but I guess 57-60 thousand 
when using the mini-game skip. As a result, we need 7 * 4 * 60 = 1 680 000 

Given that we get a certain amount of nectar according to the plot, and passing 
a mini-game without a pass provides the best result, we will have to spend up 
to 8 hours on the farm.

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