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  Hints and Tips for: Omikron - The Nomad Soul 
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 Omikron - The Nomad Soul Cheats

Omikron - The Nomad Soul

* If you have the feeling that you're about to enter a first-person
  combat environment, take a few seconds to call up your SNEAK and 
  gulp down some food to boost your energy. 

* In hand-to-hand fighting mode, deliver several quick punches 
  followed by a kick. If you get knocked down, quickly tap an action
  key to get back up and continue fighting. 

* Pick up and examine everything, no matter how trivial. If an object
  or document points you to some location, then go there (you might 
  end up attending a subversive in-game David Bowie concert!). 

* The fighting mode requires more defensive maneuvering than what you
  may be used to in a traditional action game. Take quick shots, then
  sidestep out of the way. 

* Use your Crouch key whenever you find yourself behind cover. 

* As with old-school adventure games, you'll want to take notes--there
  is no "auto journal" feature, so keep a pad of paper handy to record
  any useful tidbit of information that you get from conversations.

Free advice:
Go to the save point, and save the game, then buy advice. 
Read the advice and quit the game. Load the saved game 
and continue. 

Spell list:
-=Truth Spell=-
Forces a liar to say what he or she knows. Mix a Wiki and a Dead Man's
Tongue in a Beshe'm. 

-=Love Spell=-
Makes a woman fall in love with you. Mix two Sham Testicles and nine 
Mouse Teeth in a Beshe'm. 

-=Invulnerability Spell=-
For temporary invulnerability. Mix a Virgin's Blood and a Tear or Ether
in a Beshe'm. 

-=Unmask a Demon Spell=-
Forces a demon with a human appearance to reveal his demon form. Mix a 
Sham Horn and Dew Of Light in a Beshe'm.

Defeating the final boss:
There is only one way to defeat the final boss. First, shoot all the
crystals that connect him to the computer. Then he will be free and walk
around the room, attacking you. He has three basic attacks, the deadliest
one being jumping high in the air and crashing on your head. Avoid this 
attack when possible (run away when you see him jumping up). 
He is invulnerable to your attacks, and the only way to defeat him is to
shoot an oval spot on his back (between his shoulders). Try to go behind
him and shoot that spot continuously. The best way to do it is to spin 
around him. If you do it quicker than him, he might turn his back to you
occasionally. Use the opportunity and fire at the spot!

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