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  Hints and Tips for: One Hour One Life 
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 One Hour One Life Cheats

One Hour One Life

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Bare Bones Basics:
Written by Lieutenant Commander Data

Things you need to know as a new player.

-=Starting Out=-
When born, you are completely dependent on your mother. She will become hungry more quickly 
while taking care of you. Try to make it easy on her by staying warm so your hunger decreases 
less quickly. This can be done by standing on a desert tile, or by a fire.

If she lets you die, don't get angry. She is probably still trying to get things set up so 
the village doesn't starve. It is better to lose a baby than lose a tribe.

Things to know: On a desert tile, you need a lot less food when not wearing clothes. 
Knowing this bit of info is often vital.


-=Village Life=-

Once you grow hair, you can pick things up and be of use to the family.

Berries should be your main source of food at this point. Try to tend to them so that other 
children can also live. Leave at least one berry on a bush at all times, or it will dry out 
and cost more dirt and water.

Berries are good for children, old people and compost. Dependence outside of this will kill 
the tribe.

A common mistake I often see is that while a mother is busy with other things they tell the 
children to tend the berry farm. Then the child continues to tend the berries through adulthood, 
and uses it as a main source of food. Eventually the soil and water disappear and everyone 

-=Born To An Eve=-
This is a little tougher. If your mother doesn't hold you until you can no longer be breastfed, 
you will likely die. Once this stage is over, you will need a sharp rock and a basket to 
increase your survival chances. The rest is up to you.

If you see an older person in your tribe or village, ask to learn thier trade if you don't 
know it yet. They will more than likely be happy to show you, and following in their footsteps 
will most likely keep everyone alive in the longer term.

Don't be bashful. This is a tough game and there is a lot to learn.

Starting Recipes:
This will just be a quick list of important recipes for getting started, along with some 
helpful hints. 

Basic Components and Recipes

+ : combinding items
* : onto item
-> : result

-=Round Stone=-
Useful as a tool, and turning into other tools.
Stone * Big Hard Rock -> Sharp Stone

If harvested at the fruiting(yellow fruit on it). Gives milkweed stalk. 
Milkweed Stalk x2 -> Thread
Thread x2 -> Rope

-=Straight Branch=-
Can be found on trees.
Sharp Stone * Straight Branch -> Long Straight Shaft
Sharp Stone * Long Straight Shaft -> Short Shaft

-=Small Curved Branch=-
Can be found on trees.
Sharp Stone * Small Curved Branch -> Small Curved Shaft
Rope + Small Curved Shaft -> Bow Drill Bow
Short Shaft + Bow Drill Bow

Flint, common in grassland and badlands. 
Sharp Stone * Flint -> Flint Chips
Flint Ship * Long Straight Shaft -> Wooden Tongs

-=Tule Reeds=-
Plants found in swamps.
Sharp Stone * Tule Reeds -> Reed Bundle
Reed Bundle x2 -> Basket

-=Clay Pit=-
Common in swamp biome, only source of clay. Contain 5 clay, one more with shovel.
Clay + Reed Bundle -> Adobe
Stone * Clay -> Wet Clay Bowl

Plant found in grasslands.
Sharp Stone * Sapling -> Skewer
Round Stone * Skewer -> Home Marker 
Home Marker acts as a compass for you to find your way back. 

-=Stone Hatchet=-
Tool needed for fire making, by being able to make kindling.
Rope + Short Staff -> Tied Short Shaft
Sharp Stone + Tied Short Shaft -> Stone Hatchet

Needed for fires. Can be made from branches, wood, or dead plants.
Stone Hatchet * branch/wood/dead plants -> kindling

-=Adobe Kiln=-
3 Adobe (Reed Bundle + Clay) x3
Adobe Oven Base (Round Stone * Adobe)
Adobe Kiln (Adobe * Oven Base) then (Adobe * Oven)

Use Fire Bow Drill on Long Straight Shaft.
Use leaf (from maple tree) on that Long Straight Shaft to collect the ember on the leaf.
Use that ember leaf on Tinder (from Juniper Tree).
After 5 seconds Smoldering Tinder turns into Burning Tinder.
Add Kindling to burning tinder. 

Can transfer fire to other kindling by using a Long Straight Shaft on a current fire, 
then using that on new kindling. 

Place Kindling in Kiln and transfer fire to it.
Use Wooden Tongs and pick up a Wet Clay Bowl. 
Use that on Kiln to create a Clay Bowl.
Clay Bowl can be used to water crops.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Eve

This guide is just some tips that I think should be common knowledge between all players 
who wish to be as 
useful as possible to each civilization they are born into.

-=Basic Tips=
If you don't know how to make a fire i highly suggest looking up a guide to this on youtube 
first and practicing this in the tutorial until you get it down. When you become more advanced, 
you can do the same for smithing. These are two things i think all players should learn how 
to do and will drastically make life easier for you if you know how to do them. 

As a baby or mother try to stay in a warm spot (desert, jungle, or fire in another biome) 
this will make your food meter go down drastically slower. 

Removing someone elses home marker to place your own does NOT remove the other persons 
home marker. 

Try to learn how much food each type of food offers you, this will help you in knowing when 
it is appropriate to eat what so you don't waste valuable foods. For example a berry only 
gives 4 food bars but an omelette will fill an entire full grown adults food bar so it is a 
waste for a child to eat this when they are missing only 5 or 6 food bars. 

Take time to learn wild foods what they look like and what biome to find them in as wild 
foods not only can help with your food bonus but can drastically improve your chance of 
living to 60 more often. 

As you grow up you should try to chain food bonuses. Eating different foods will add to 
your food meter, although this bonus is invisible it is very strong. A good start to a food 
bonus is to eat 1 gooseberry then put 1 gooseberry in a bowl and eat that then you can chain 
off of that through other wild or cooked foods you can find. Eating something you have 
already eaten will reset the bonus. In the bottom left corner if it shows "yum" then the 
food will apply to the bonus if it shows "meh" then you have already eaten that food. 

If you are brand new and want to be useful just bring things back from the wilderness such 
as random items people died with away from home, branches and firewood. 
This is not only useful but can help you in learning where to find things in the environment.

Newer Civilizations (Eves, No Tools, No Domesticated Animals)

When finding a settle location make sure that you at least have 4+ duck ponds, a warm biome 
(jungle or desert) and a grassland with a good amount of soil, trees and milkweed nearby. 

Always make sure to make and fire a clay nozzle when you make your first batch of bowls a
nd plates, this is done by using a skewer on a piece of clay. 

Make sure when starting a farm you do it as close as possible to the water supply, you 
should also make sure there is plunty of space between the farm and forge because someone 
doing blacksmithing will need a decent amount of space (about 4x4 tiles) in front of the 
forge. Also consider this farm will need room to expand over time.

When smithing you should always make an axe first this will keep your fire going and make 
furture smithing much easier. 

Always leave at least 3 flat stones, plates and bowls near the forge. 

Start a seperate fire while making omelettes, try to keep the first fire alive as much as 
possible this is useful for smithing. 

Never use string on clothes in the early game with the exception of backpacks. Ropes are 
much much more valuable and string will become easy to obtain for later generations through 

You can use a long straight shaft on a seal (found in snow biomes) then skin it with a 
flint chip for easy early game clothing. 

When you leave home always bring at least something back. 

As a female do not keep every kid you have select your kids based off the amount of food 
around and how many females there are. 

Advanced Civilization Tips (Domesticated Animals, Steel Tools, Advanced Meals)

Make sure you always have at least berries, wheat and carrots growing at all times. These 
are required to keep a late civilization from running out of soil and starving. 

Always leave one sheep unsheared so it will produce babies, shearing the last sheep will 
waste 6 berries, 1 carrot, 1 ball of thread, 1 sheep poop and 4 mutton. (All highly useful 
end game materials). 

Try to avoid eating berries and carrots as much as possible, these are used for sheep food 
and keeps other crops growing allowing more advanced foods to be made easier. 

Always leave at least one wheat uncut as it will produce seeds for more (these seeds cannot 
be left on the ground they will disappear quickly). 

When a steel tool breaks always bring it back to the smith. Two broken tools can be combined 
to produce scrap steel which can be turned back into a steel ignot. 

Make sure there is a fire always going with a decent supply of firewood nearby.

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