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  Hints and Tips for: One Step From Eden 
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 One Step From Eden Cheats

One Step From Eden

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Character and Loadout Unlocks Guide:
Written by JarJarThinks

An Unlock Guide that's focused on Character unlocks, from the initial 
unlock to alternate loadouts to even character costumes!

Guide to Character and Loadout Unlocks

This guide is here to show you what the conditions for Character Unlocks, Alternate 
Loadouts and Character Costumes are. I tried to be as non-spoilery in the main body 
as possible, the Glossary + Notes has some spoilers as I try to clarify a few things.

-=Character Unlocks=-
In order to unlock the ability to play as one of the Bosses, you must first beat 
them when they are at Tier 3 or higher. Or in other words, beat the Boss at 3-7 or 
Higher (This will be the fourth zone you go through).

Reva can also be unlocked upon reaching Profile lvl 6. (v1.1, Not on Switch yet).

The Shopkeeper is unlocked by beating her in combat.

-=Alternate Loadouts=-
Every Character except the Shopkeeper has at least one additional starting Loadout. 
These change the character's starting cards, artifact and weapon.

Saffron's Chrono Loadout - Unlocked by reaching Profile Lvl 2 (Lvl 5 on Switch).
Reva's Beat Loadout - Unlocked by completing a Neutral or Genocide Run as Reva.
Gunner's Bullet Hell Loadout - Unlocked by completing a Neutral or Genocide Run as Gunner.
Selicy's Invade Loadout - Unlocked by completing a Neutral or Genocide Run as Selicy.
Hazel's Teardown Loadout - Unlocked by completing a Neutral or Genocide Run as Hazel.
Terra's Pyro Loadout - Unlocked by completing a Neutral or Genocide Run as Terra.
Shiso's Kunai Loadout - Unlocked by completing a Neutral or Genocide Run as Shiso.
Violette's Aria Loadout - Unlocked by completing a Neutral or Genocide Run as Violette.

-=Glossary / Notes=-
This section contains spoilers! Proceed with Caution.

Pacifist runs - Spare all the Bosses, don't use Reva's revive before downing the final 
boss (Saffron saves Reva instead).

Hazel Note: Due to a calculation error, if you're playing as Hazel Terrable may not 
go down from the team attack if you don't have another source of damage like poison 
as of V1.1.

Note: It doesn't seem to matter if you Spare or Execute the boss for Skin unlocks.

Neutral runs - Execute at least 1 Boss, but not all of them Note: All that matters 
is that you destroy the Gate, doing so counts as a "victory".

Genocide runs - Kill all Bosses, but not the Shopkeeper Note: Even if you get Looped 
it will count as a victory if you die during the loop.

Full Genocide runs - Kill all bosses, including the Shopkeeper Note: Make sure you 
Execute the final boss.

Hell Mode Levels Guide (Ascension):
Written by Xenocrace

Here is a list of all hell mode modifiers

Hell modes are One Step From Edens version of ascension, stacking difficulty mods 
that you unlock by beating the previous one.

-=Hell Mode Modifiers=-
Enemies start with random artifacts.
More obstacles and hazards.
Lower defense, no aim crosshair.
Spared bosses healing halved (200 instead of 400).
Max HP is reduced (75% of default).
Enemies start with 2 random artifacts.
Luck starts at 20 (up from 3).
Enemies regenerate health.
Bosses start at tier 2.
Max mana reduced by 1.
Hostages are evil.
Shops cost more.
All bosses are max tier.
Start with 1 max HP.

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