One Unit Whole Blood Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: One Unit Whole Blood 
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 One Unit Whole Blood Cheats

One Unit Whole Blood

Submitted by: RM

While playing the game, stop and press 'T'. Then enter the following 
codes and press ENTER to activate.

Code            Effect	
SPORK         - 200% Health.
KEYMASTER     - All Keys.
HONGKONG      - All Weapons & Unlimited Ammo.
GRISWOLD      - Full Armor.
MONTANA       - Full Inventory.
GOONIES       - Full Map.
MPKFA         - GOD Mode.
ONERING       - Invisibility (Enemies Can't See You).
EVA GALLI     - Walk Through Walls.

Level Select:
Press T, then type MARIO [1-6] [1-9] to select an episode and level.
Note: The Post Mortem episode is Episode 6. 
The Bloodbath levels is Episode 5.

Secret Level in Episode Four:
This trick will require you to reach the end of E4M4, "Crystal Lake". 
In the cavern with the end level switch after defeating the queen s
pider (or luring it into the water where it can't get back out, 
whichever works), use the napalm cannon or dynamite to the wall on 
the right side. This will reveal the red exit switch which will take
you to E4M9, "Mall Of The Dead".

Secret Level in Episode One:
To get to the secret level in episode one of Blood, you must be in 
map E1M4, ''Dark Carnival''. At the end of the level, after the 
bridge explodes, instead of jumping down into the water to get to 
the exit, jump to the other side to the ledge, using the pillars of
the bridge. Then, blow up the crack in the wall and jump into the 
little pond. Swim to the surface to end up in a small cave. Ahead 
of you are some switches on a big stone. Push the skull switches 
to this combo: Dagger, Eye, Moon. And you're on your way!

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