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 Ori And The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Cheats

Ori And The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Change Ori's color:
Press Left, Up, Right, Down, Up three times, [Jump].

Easy "Elite" achievement:
Complete the game without spending any points in the ability tree. It is 
possible to get all collectibles and secrets without the use of an ability. 

Easy "Immortal" achievement:
There is a short window after the death animation begins and when Ori respawns 
at the last saved game point. You can quickly quit to the menu. If done correctly,
when you resume the game it will not count your death. As long as your respawn 
count remains zero at the top right corner of the pause screen, you will still 
qualify. Try to use multiple save slots to avoid losing your progress. 

Easy "Juggle Master" achievement:
Later in the game, you can obtain the Bash ability. Find one of the two bashable 
rocks. They are located at Sorrow's Pass and Mount Horu. You must interact with 
both of them to progress, in order to block sand blasts and lava. Use Bash and 
aim Ori down so that the rock goes up. Repeat the process four additional times 
without allow the rock to hit the ground. 

Easy "Master Guardian" achievement:
All twelve Health Cells must be collected. The Forlorn Ruins contains one cell 
which must be collected before you free the wind, since this prevents you from 
returning later. The remaining eleven cells are in the open area and can be found 
at any time before you enter Mount Horu. Some will not become available until you 
have certain skills. All will become available after you have the Charge Jump 
skill. There is an ability which shows cell locations on the map, however some 
may be hidden in secret areas. 

Easy "World at Your Feet" achievement:
One of the map stones is found in Forlorn Ruins and cannot be revisited after 
escaping from it. There is no fragment in that area. Make sure you have one map 
fragment available before entering the Forlorn Ruins.

New Ori logo at save data:
If you met this requirement. You unlock a new portrait of save data, Ori and a 
shockwave icon in the save screen. Complete 100% by discovering all maps, life 
cells, energy cells, ability cells, light spirit cells, and map pieces.

Alternate saved game icon:
Get a 100% completion by discovering all maps, life cells, energy cells, ability 
cells, light spirit cells, and map pieces.

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