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  Hints and Tips for: Ostranauts 
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 Ostranauts Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Start Your First Reactor:
Written by SteelWolf

-=What You Need=-
A reactor needs these three components to work:

* A D20 Canister.
* An HE-3 Canister (Liquid Helium Canister).
* A battery with at least a little bit of charge hooked up to the input of 
  the reactor.

-=Starting the Reactor=-
After you've made sure everything was plugged in properly, its time to start 
the reactor. Its not too overly complex, so it should be no problem.

* First switch PWR Bus To Batt at the middle left.
* After that turn Core Purge to RGH at the bottom right.
* Then wait for the LAS Cap light to stop flashing at the right hand side.
* Once it has stopped flashing, flick the LAS Align switch to on, also on the 
  right hand side.
* After that switch Pell Feed on, right beside the LAS Align switch.
* Next turn on the coolant (flick the CRYO switch to on) right above Ignition.
* Next press the Fuel REG button on the bottom right, right next to Core Purge.
* After that press the FWD and Rear buttons, next to the button you just pressed.
* Next flick the MHD switch to the on position, towards the upper left of the 
  CRYO switch.
* When the Capacitor Charge reaches ready (top right), Flick the Ignition switch 
  to on (below the CRYO switch).

You just started your first reactor! If you want to refill the battery you used to 
kick this thing into action, just flip the PWR BUS switch to CHRG.

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