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  Hints and Tips for: Outer Wilds 
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 Outer Wilds Cheats

Outer Wilds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Deep Impact Achievement/Trophy Guide:
Written by Steve

Enter the Giantís Deep ocean fast enough to break through the current.

-=Aim of This Guide=-
The Deep Impact achievement can be difficult to get, this guide aims to give 
exact steps to obtain it.

-=Steps for Achievement=-
As with any great undertaking, the first step is a good nap. 
This guide assumes that you have obtained the launch codes and launched at 
least once.

* Wake up.
* Rest at the campfire for 9 minutes.
* Ride lift and board ship.
* Equip spacesuit.
* Open map and target Brittle Hollow.
* Fly to Brittle Hollow Ė if using auto pilot take care as at this time the 
  centre of Brittle Hollow will be targeted and there is a chance that your 
  ship will have a non-fatal crash with the surface
* Follow the equator until you see the Gravity Cannon, land near as you can 
  to it, I try to aim for the Canon control platform at the base of the Cannon 
  but if you feel more comfortable landing on the top of the cliff is fine, a 
  fast landing is the aim here
* Exit your ship and jet-pack/run to the Cannon control platform and move the 
  control ball from the base of the U shaped interface to the shorter rightmost 
  arm Ė this will recall the alien scout ship
* Run up to the right and board the alien scout ship.
* Stand on the second star pattern back from the control pedestal (see image), 
  you will still be able to control the ship from here.

Wait until you see Giantís Deep in the view screen specifically just as it comes 
fully within the six Y shaped arms of the shipís main screen (see Image).

When Giantís Deep is in place slide the control ball over the to left most 
position and enjoy the ride to Giantís Deep. If your timing is correct you 
will punch through to the inter current layer of Giantís Deep

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